How to Create the Perfect Master Bathroom

A great master bathroom is essential for your dream home. The master bathroom is where you make you clean yourself, where you soak and relax after a long day and where you make yourself beautiful for a night out. To craft the perfect master bathroom there are only a few requirements to make it ideal for you and the rest of your family.

This is the ultimate wish list for you!

Signature Lighting

In a bathroom, lighting is possibly the most important feature. When cleaning or beautifying oneself, you must have the perfect view. In the temperamental climate of the UK natural light can never be relied upon to spotlight your features. For the perfect master bathroom, a great light is needed. One that not only has a bright bulb but that also looks great! One vendor I have been particularly impressed with when looking for bright, master bathroom lights has been the Italian company called LampCommerce. Particularly their Fabbian lighting range.

Hidden Storage Spaces

As you stay in one location for a large quantity of time, the number of toiletries seems to increase exponentially. Toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant seems to multiply into face scrubs, perfumes and Christmas giftsets that never seem to get used. This brings the issue of storage to the fore. In the perfect master bathroom, a set of smartly hidden storage spaces is a must.

Some fantastic options include pull-out shelves, hidden wall panels, and cupboard space beneath a sink. Always over estimate when adding storage solutions. There is nothing worse than clutter and overstuffed draws. With forethought you can ensure your bathroom will always be tidy.

Underfloor Heating

There is very little to say about underfloor heating except that it is almost essential in this day and age. Radiators have been proven to be less efficient and cost you more in the long run with a higher electricity bill! Underfloor heating heats the room more evenly and is said to provide the same level of warmth as radiators when set to 2 degrees lower.

 Adding a Soaking Tub

For a true master bathroom, both a shower and a bath is a requirement. Who doesn’t desire a warm soak on an overcast Sunday, or a therapeutic wash after sports. A great recommendation is to opt for a deep Japanese soaking tub. This style of bath is slightly larger than the average, allowing for full submersion. This kind of tub is perfect to help remove all the stresses and the strains of the day.

If money is no option. A jacuzzi is an upgrade on a soaking tub. The many jets and the sheer size create the perfect space to relax and relieve your stresses.

Creating the perfect master bathroom isn’t hard. With these few things it can be quite easy to pull off and result in a perfect space for relaxation, beautification and cleaning. A complete bathroom overhaul is not cheap and some of these items are rather expensive. So, at the end of the day, assess what you think makes a perfect bathroom and run with that. Obviously, these are just guidelines and make of them what you wish.

What makes your perfect master bathroom? I’d love to know!


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