Top Ways To Eliminate Pests In Your Home

You might have noticed that during the summer months your home is plagued with bugs. This is due to the hot weather bringing them out and into the big wide world. They don’t mean to fly into your home, it is just in their way so to speak. However, if you are not a fan of them being in your home, and let’s face it, who is? There are many ways you can eliminate pests from your home.


You can place fly and insect screens up at the doors and windows within your home so they can’t find their way into your home. These come in a few different varieties, you can get chains that hang from the doors. You can also get a mesh screen that attaches around the frame of your windows and doors. Another method if you struggle with pests all through the year is to call in professionals to install fly screens for you. A company such as Osborne flyscreens & security doors can help you with this. 


Bug Tape

If you don’t mind having unsightly bits of tape hanging around the place then you could use bug tape to rid your personal space of bugs. This is a sticky tape that you hang to a wall or ceiling and the tape droops down. It has a special scent on it that attracts the bugs and once they are on it they can’t get back off. When the tape is full simply unpin it from wherever it is and place it in the bin. If the bugs are still around then place another piece of tape up. 



The good old-fashioned bug spray never let anyone down. If you notice the insects having a gathering in your house then you can simply spray the affected area and the bugs will perish and leave you alone. This method has been around for centuries before all the new fandangled gadgets and screens. It can be used on all flying insects and even ground ones as well. 



These days you can get special UV lights that the bugs are attracted to. Inside they are electric which then fries the bugs when they touch it. They are especially useful and seen most in shops and restaurants where they have to use quick effective methods to keep the bugs away. You don’t want to go into your local pizza shop and see a bunch of flies hovering around. 


Penny Bag

You may not have heard about this method and if you want something natural that isn’t going to harm the flies then this will be something to try. You get a ziplock bag, fill it halfway with water from the tap, then place 4 shiny pennies inside the bag. Once you have done this, zip the bag up and hang it by an entrance where flies enter. You will find the flies are repelled away from the penny bag instantly. This is because a fly with their five eyes sees the pennies in the water as a disco ball effect so instantly thinks better about entering. 


We hope you found this article helpful in dealing with your pest issue. Hopefully, you find one of the above methods useful. 



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