Essential Purchases For Your Home’s Security

Can any purchase be considered essential? Quite possibly yes, especially when it comes to your home security. According to statistics, 267 thousand burglaries in England and Wales were reported between 2020 and 2021 so you can recognise the extent of the problem. Whether you live in a local crime zone or not, it is still important to purchase what you can, including a security system uk for your home’s protection.

So, consider the following and then check out our home security tips for further helpful ideas for your home’s security. 


#1: Window coverings

The fewer opportunities people get to see into your home, the better. We are talking about passersby, nosy neighbours, and, of course, any would-be burglars. If you can shield your valuables from view with thicker curtains, blinds, including both indoor and patio blinds, shades, shutters, and any other type of window covering, burglars won’t know what goodies you have stored away at home. 


#2: A dog

You don’t necessarily need to buy a dog as you may be able to bring one home for free if there are any animal rescue places in your area. You don’t necessarily need a traditional guard dog either, as any dog with the ability to bark and make a lot of fuss whenever they sense an intruder (even if it is just the postman) is useful. Dogs are a cheaper form of alarm system, although you should still consider the next purchase. 


#3: A home security system

Home security systems vary in price but at the very least, you should consider something that comes with both an alarm and security cameras. Some cameras can be accessed via mobile apps, so even when you’re not at home, you can find out what is happening in your home surroundings if you have access to a smartphone. Check out the following link for the best home security systems and then purchase something in line with your budget. 


#4: Outdoor lighting

A well-lit home exterior is an excellent form of defence, as not many burglars have the athleticism to dart between light sources to get to areas of darkness. If you’re worried about a hike in your energy prices, fear not, as you could buy motion-activated lights, solar-powered lights, or lights that operate on a timer. Be sure to install the lights near entry points and areas that aren’t covered by street lighting, as the burglar will have a harder time trying to navigate your home’s exterior. Check the following link for examples of security lighting


#5: Stronger locks

How secure are the locks on your doors and windows? If your answer is “not very” then you may need to purchase something stronger. Deadbolt locks are recommended for doors and these security locks can be recommended for windows. If you’re interested in a smart home, you could also consider smart locks for your doors, as these can only be unlocked via a keypad or an authorised device. 


A secure home is a safer home, so consider each of these purchases when thinking about your home’s security. Despite the expense of some of these, you will save money if you can keep burglars out, and you will have greater peace of mind when in bed or away from home too



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