4 Simple ways to keep your home secure

Considering home is where the heart is, keeping this space secure and safe is vital. Keeping your home secure is something that you may even rarely think about. What’s important to understand though, is that simply locking your front door and leaving for the day, is not enough.

With burglaries taking place on average, every 108 seconds, taking the time to understand how you can best protect the home can prove to be beneficial in the long run. In fact, there are many factors to take into consideration when thinking about how you can keep the home safe, but we may not be aware of all of them!

Here are our top 4 ways to keep your home secure – come rain or shine.

Examine entry and exit points

Since it’s both the main entrance and exit, your home’s front door is extremely important. Ideally, you should have a steel, or solid hardwood front door which is heavyweight. Examining your front door’s weak points is an effective way to identify where burglars may target can allow you to reinforce those areas. To prevent burglars from simply kicking the front door open, heavy-duty mortice locks may prove to be sufficient.

If you’ve noticed that your front door is in fact hollow, it may also be worth considering replacing this with a more secure front door.

Not forgetting that windows are also an entry point, be sure to close and lock your windows securely. The most efficient thing to do, is ensure you lock your windows when you’re not home, preventing burglars from using this as an opportunity to break in. A security measure that may be worth considering for when you are home, and want to remain safe, is deploying a cable window restrictor. Cable window restrictors are a fantastic way to prevent a window from opening from a fixed distance.  

Create the illusion that someone is home

Something to note, is that majority of burglaries take place during the daytime, when most people are away at work. Since this makes homes more susceptible to being burgled, it’s worth thinking about how you can keep your home safe while you’re away. 

A fool proof way to warding off potential intruders is by creating the illusion that someone is home. Whether it’s by keeping the TV on, or having the radio play, these small methods can make a great deal of difference!

Home Security Cameras

Technology has advanced rapidly, and more often we are seeing tech savvy products being rolled out. At the same time, keeping an eye on your home from afar, was something that was once near impossible to do.

With a home security camera however, you will be able to monitor your home and receive notifications whenever someone is detected. For instance, a delivery taking place whilst you are at work – a home security camera will enable you to gain perception into who is visiting and when. Similarly, it will allow you to see if anyone is attempting to break into your home – meaning you can quickly take action.

Home Safes

It’s rather fair to say that the average home, has a large number of valuables. From jewellery, cash to passports and documentations, these kinds of possessions require protection. Aside from simply keeping your valuables out of sight, you need to ensure you take the relevant measures.

Majority of people may think that owning a home safe is unnecessary. Although owning a home safe can prove to be an extremely effective way in protecting your valuables and minimising risk on burglaries. Home safes are a long-run investment, that allow you to remain a step ahead of an intruder.

Home safes can also be easily concealed, which means you can ensure you’re possessions are truly out of sight. Burglars are less likely to attempt breaking into a home safe as it requires additional time – something that is limited when burglaries do take place. With home safes providing a safe place to store your possessions, it is most definitely worth considering.

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