How to Use Space Efficiently in a Small Home

In an ideal world, we’d all live in sprawling mansions, with chandeliers hanging from every ceiling, patios the size of football pitches, and enough space in the living room to fit a snooker table. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world, and so many of us have to make do with cosiest lodgings and learn to use space efficiently. This isn’t such a bad thing – there’s only so much space you can make use of at any given time, after all. And, with a little bit of creativity and some tried-and-trusted tricks, we can make the most out of every inch in the home. Let’s take a look at how.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Decluttering can add enormously to the impression of space around you. If every table and chair is covered with spare books, control pads and air fresheners, then the chances are that you need some storage space to free up the space.

In most homes, the space around ground level will be filled. But what about the space nearer to the ceiling? A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf could contain twice as many books as a standard-sized one. The same goes for overhead space in kitchens, which can be used to hang pots and pans.

Prefer Wall Lights to Table Lights

If you install a wall light, then you’ll be able to get rid of the table beside the sofa, or the bed, and you’ll create a little bit of extra space.

Make use of Hidden Space

In just about every home in the country are wasted nooks and crannies. Some are just a few inches wide, others are a little more generous. By rearranging the furniture in the room, or looking into a fitted alternative, you might be able to consolidate this space, and allow it to be used to store items which would otherwise be cluttering up the living space.

Make Furniture do Double-Duty

A great way to halve the amount of furniture in your home is to make items perform multiple tasks. If you’ve got a footrest, a miniature coffee-table, and a bean-bag sitting in the same room, then why not swap it all out for a single item of furniture that can perform all of these functions?

Make Use of the Backs of Doors

Among the easiest places to find space is on the back of a cupboard door. In kitchens, this is a fantastic place to put a spice-rack. This approach not only creates storage space from nowhere; it also allows you twice as much access to stuff when you open up a cupboard.

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