The different types of holiday to enjoy in the UK

Just because foreign holidays have essentially been written off for the foreseeable future that doesn’t mean we can’t have something to look forward to in these dark and uncertain times. Holidaying in the UK doesn’t have to be the drab and dull experience you might misremember from your childhood. Indeed, it could genuinely surprise you that you can still have holidays to enjoy in the UK.

But what kinds of holidays are possible in the land we call home? And which would be the most sensible, rewarding and practical for you and your family?

Walking holidaysWalking holidays in the UK are amongst the best in the world, with enviable sights and trails such as Hadrian’s Wall, The Peak District and the infamous West Highland Way, which takes in 96 miles of Scottish beauty. There are quite literally hundreds of walking holiday options scattered up and down the country ranging from hundred-mile challenges to leisurely sojourns.

Cycling holidays – Cycling the coast to coast might not be feasible in larger countries (such as the USA, for example) but in the UK you could quite comfortably cycle from Whitehaven to Sunderland in 3 days, crossing through the beautiful lake district and Northumbria on route. The coast to coast is just one trail, but there are hundreds of cycle trails littered across the country, waiting to be explored.

Adventure holidays – From surfing some of the most gnarly waves in the word in Cornwall to rock climbing in Devon and taking on the Scottish Highlands in a canoe, if your idea of a good week away is pushing yourself to the limits then the UK has plenty to offer. Adventure holidays can be found all over the UK; from Go Ape adventures for all the family to more challenging pack rafting and trail running excursions.

Mindfulness/wellbeing holidays – A holiday can be the ideal time to switch your mind off for a few days and relax. Mindfulness and meditation have really taken off in popularity in recent months as people have been stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. In that time, you might have developed a fondness for yoga, in which case there are dozens of bespoke yoga retreats in the UK ready to ease your busy mind and weary bones.

Cultural and historical holidays – Finally, if there is one area in which the UK trumps almost any other vacation destination on Earth, it’s in historical and cultural landmarks. From the obvious touchstones like Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace in London to far-flung locations swimming in historical significance such as Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and the industrial history of the North, ours is a country that is incredibly rich in history. For culture vultures too, there are hundreds of art galleries, museums and more and not all of them are located in London either!


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