Tips for staying healthy over the winter period


Like many folk, January is the time of year that we start to focus on our goals for the year, as well as the health of ourselves and our families. After a month of stuffing myself with booze and largely beige food (damn you, cheese and cracker addiction), I am SO ready to get back on the healthy horse. As a rule, I am a pretty healthy person, and I care deeply about the health of my family as well as my own, and that includes skincare. Skincare products such as those made by softgel manufacturing really help to make me feel like my skin has been pampered. Since having my children, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t look after myself, than I fall apart, which means more pressure on Adam and our family in general to keep everything running smoothly.

During the winter months in particular, I’m always thinking of ways in which we can be more healthy, keep those immune systems ticking over, and be as bright eyed and bushy-tailed as possible. 

Here are some of the ways we continue staying healthy throughout winter:

Wholesome, healthy food

We’ve always eaten well as a family <kicks away massive tub of Quality Street from under desk>, and during the winter I try and make sure we get the right nutrients to keep the lurgy at bay as much as possible. Lots of organic produce if we can (and where finances allow), green veg (luckily our children like their greens), warming soups and home-cooked, nutrient rich versions of classic dishes (sweet potato-topped veggie cottage pie is a favourite). Adam, Sasha and myself all eat oranges, but since Freddie isn’t so keen, I juice several, along with other fruit and veg, for a vitamin-rich juice in the morning. I also drink lots of water, and encourage the children to do the same, although Sasha always shows some resistance!

Get out and about

I’m a big believer in getting fresh air into the old lungs to blow the winter blues away, and even if it’s raining, we’ll wrap up warm, put the children’s puddle suits on, and get out and about for a walk/scoot/bike ride. Even light exercise really lifts the spirits, and puts us all in a better mood, which is half the battle in winter I reckon! I definitely believe that I suffer from SAD syndrome, so getting even a small Vitamin D boost is important to me, and is crucial for the development of young children’s bones. 

Cut down on booze

One of my goals for this year is to lay off what I call the ‘comfort wine’. Wine consumed at the end of a day out of habit, and to relieve tiredness, although we all know that this works only as a temporary lift. I’m 10 days into Dry New Year/Dry Jan, and already my skin looks better, and the last 4 nights I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I feel more productive, and my liver will be thanking me for it!

Get enough sleep

Aah sleep. The word that has been well within our top 5 discussion points as a couple since first having Freddie nearly 5 years ago. We all know that lack of sleep effects EVERYTHING- immune system, mood, ability to function properly on a daily basis (hello, pouring milk into one of the aforementioned ‘comfort’ wine glasses). Whilst our children mostly sleep through aged 3 and 4 (apart from the odd night visit from the former), they have always been early risers, so getting them to bed on time and in a good routine of this has always been really important to us, and to our family life. I love spending time with F & S, but our evenings as a couple are important too! Benson Beds know the importance of getting some decent kip, and I’ve shared my winter, children’s bedtime routine with them over on their site. Here you can find other tips for keeping happy and healthy over the winter period. 

As far as Adam and I are concerned, we know that going to bed by 11pm makes us (more) raring to go come that 6am wake up call- any later more than a couple of times a week, and we get grouchy, run down, and the sniffles start. Poor Adam also gets cold sores if he gets run down, so it’s especially important for him that he adheres to the ‘as much sleep as possible’ rule!

So that’s us- what do you do to stay healthy over the winter time? Let me know your tips!


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