Freddie’s 1st Year in Pictures

fred 1 fred 2 fred 3 fred 4 fred 5 Fred 6 Fred 7 Fred 8 fred 9 fred 10 fred 11 fred 12 fred 13 fred 14

Now, when people ask me about blogging, and how can I be bothered to do it so often, my first answer is often “I wish i’d done it sooner!”. It really is the modern day equivalent of a diary- only with a few other people reading it too! I would have loved to have started the blog in my early twenties, and documented travels, my forays into different careers, thoughts, cities/towns/flats/houses lived in, plus of course, two pregnancies, births and the early baby days. I SO wish i’d written down when the children had done things as babies, as even now I can’t quite remember when Freddie’s first tooth came in (7 months, ish?), or when Sasha started crawling properly (8 months?).

So I’ve decided to write ‘Throw Back Thursday (or whatever day of the week I can be arsed to write them)’ posts, using some of our photos from life pre-blog, in order to start building up a mini scrapbook of what happened and when- if I can remember that is!

Above, is the first 12 months of Freddie’s life, in pictures- one for every month. Looking back at them makes me realise that time really DOES fly, and is so very precious. They really won’t be tiny for long! It really does seem like a lifetime away, even though it’s only been 3 years. When he was born, we were living in our flat in Beckenham, and I don’t think either of us would have thought that Sasha was going to join us in little over a year’s time!


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