Snapshots of Hastings and a Stay at Crowhurst Park

This past half term holiday has been lovely, and we’ve been lucky enough to have spent it down near Hastings with extended family (Thanks, in-laws!). We went away for October half term last year, and I think it’s probably one of my favourite times of year to go on holiday- everyone is tired after a busy first few weeks back at school, and it’s a real pick-me-up before the hecticness of Halloween parties, Bonfire parties and of course, Christmas. I’ve had a week off the blog which wasn’t wholly intentional as I bought my laptop with me, but there was no wifi in the lodges and actually it was quite nice to have a ‘proper’ break as they are so few and far between.

We stayed in lodges at Crowhurst Park Holiday Village, and the children enjoyed spending the week with their cousins on Adam’s side of the family. With 5 of them aged between 3 and 6 (my in-laws went from zero-5 grandchildren in 3 years!), they can now really play with each other ‘properly’, whether that was in the pool or running between our holiday homes. 

The weather was quite mixed for our stay, with the first two days being fairly dubious (a lot of swimming pool action was to had on these days), but thankfully it brightened up to reveal beautiful autumn days by the end of our trip. It’s funny, that even though Hastings and the surrounding area is only just over an hour away from where we live in South-East London, we’ve never actually visited- so this was the perfect opportunity to explore a bit more.

Our lodge was a large one as we had the biggest family out of our party, and even though Arlo actually stayed in his travel cot in our room it was handy to have the third bedroom to house a lot of our stuff (and my god, I forgot how much shit a small baby seems to need!). Going self-catering has definite pros with small children- it meant we could mix up eating out a few times with meals at home if F & S were tired or needed some downtime, and each lodge had a small kitchen with an adjoining open-plan living and dining area thrown in. 

There were quite a few late nights and time spent staying up chatting, eating and drinking, plus board and card games- either in the lodge or at the on-site bar (which was really family friendly), and whilst the big two still managed to wake up early most days, Arlo treated us to 3, 8.30-9am lie ins which is unheard of with the others! I don’t like to have favourites, but he was quite possibly mine during our stay because of this (I jest, I jest). 

Apart from swimming and popping into Hastings, we didn’t do a huge amount, with all of us pottering around the site and our lodges and just generally relaxing, which is just how I like it on this kind of holiday. Hastings old town was so pretty (much nicer than most of the actual front to be honest) and we all liked going on the East Hill Cliff Railway and for a brief stroll at the top to admire the amazing view. I have to say though, that ask the children what they liked best about Hastings and it would definitely be fish and chips, and the fairground and amusements *eyeroll* Give a 5 and 6 year old a whole pot of 2ps for those machines and they’ll on them for what seems like HOURS trying to win some tat.

But that’s all part of a seaside town(ish) holiday isn’t it? The simple things and just enjoying them when you’re not in a rush, with family.


Here are some photos of our stay, and I’m hoping to add a little video this week too:

Our lodges overlooked the most beautiful view and scenery, truly stunning, and the autumn colours were just gorgeous- I wish I’d taken my big camera and lenses now to take some nature shots.

Adam, Freddie and one of his cousins heading down to Hastings sea front.

Some of us on Hastings Pier, which has clearly been fairly recently rejuvenated (prepared to be corrected on this!), and it’s the widest pier I’ve ever come across.

You can’t beat a brightly coloured beach hut!

And some more here!

My gorgeous girl- still so little at 5, yet can seem so grown up at times.

You know it’s a good pier when it’s been awarded this!

3 out of 6 cheeky cousins!

I just loved the vibrant pops of colours here on an otherwise gloomy day.

Fun at the funfair- they could’ve spent hours here.

No avoiding the go-karts when this little boy is around.

A daredevil girl on the umbrella ride- ridiculously fast and after nearly year of not going on any rides due to being pregnant/having small baby, I was well up for going on some again.

Best fish, chips and mushy peas i’d had in a long time!

It’s not a trip to the seaside without a stop at an ice cream parlour- so much choice here, a kaleidoscope of colour.

Our gorgeous big boy- I miss him and his sister so much when they’re at school, so holiday time together is really special. 

So much love for our littlest guy, who was a dream on holiday and just went with the flow.

I forgot just how GOOD rum and raisin ice cream is!

The entrance to East Cliff Railway….

…it led to a stunning view, but not so good for my fear of heights!

View from the top of the cliff.

We loved looking down on the building below, and spotting weird and wonderful ones.

With Nanny and Grandad on top of the cliff.

Always Daddy’s girl.

Sasha and Grandad- I love this photo, definitely a framer!

Working sea life- I love watching boats coming in and out with their catches and getting a sense of what the town is all about, and the history of a seaside town. 

Coffee at the end of one of our days- wherever I am, I have to have coffee!

Have you stayed in/near Hastings before? What did you enjoy the most/least- I always like to be nosy….

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