Parenting With A Church Leader- How To Cope As A Mom

Being a church leader’s wife is challenging as you cannot expect much from your partner when it comes to running the home. Your role becomes even more complex once you start your parenting journey. Your spouse may miss out on precious moments, and you may struggle to manage everything alone. But there are ways to be a successful wife and mother amid the challenges of the role of a pastor’s wife. Here are some valuable tips to cope as a mom while parenting with a church leader.

Accept your challenges

Accepting your challenges gives you the strength and conviction to deal with them. Your attitude makes a difference because you must accept that your husband is more than the father of your children. He is also a leader for his disciples, so he has to devote time and effort to guiding them and helping them address their problems. Knowing and accepting that your partner cannot be around for the school meets and events enables you to make peace with the situation.

Give your best to your kids

Besides acceptance, giving your best to your kids makes you a good mom. Your children may require extra support when their dad isn’t around during critical moments. You must step in and do your bit to make up for your spouse’s absence. But remember never to complain because the last thing you want is your kids losing their respect for their father. Play the role effortlessly to keep the family running.

Be your partner’s support system

Excelling in your role as a parent is also about being a pillar of support to your husband. Church leaders have a busy life between sermons, discipleship training, field trips, and long-distance travel. A demanding partner is the last thing they want to encounter on returning home. Understand your responsibility, and do your best to handle it. Consider yourself in a supportive role behind the scenes and care for him.

Cultivate good values

Another tip for moms parenting with pastor dads is to make a conscious effort to cultivate good values in your kids. You cannot take them for granted only because your family is close to the church. Set examples with acts of compassion, empathy, and honesty. You can integrate rituals such as praying and Bible reading into your daily activity to nurture positive values in your kids.

Build a happy home

Parenting with a church leader brings additional responsibility to moms. They must take the onus to build a happy home for the family. Create a positive environment where the kids respect and love their father, despite the limited time he spends with them. However, you can ensure it is quality time by planning family activities such as picnics, outings, and dinner table conversations. Go the extra mile to create happy memories for festive occasions.

Being a pastor’s wife is a gift, but it also entails responsibility. You may have a hard time parenting your kids without your partner being a full-time dad. Follow these tips to do justice to your mommy role.


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