Everything you need to know if your child wants to learn how to code

Your child might be one of those who always used to answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with something like “a train driver” or “a dinosaur”. But that won’t last forever! With our society now reliant on computing for a huge variety of purposes, it’s no surprise that – alongside a host of retraining adults – more youngsters are taking an interest in coding, and attending exciting events such as a free coding bootcamp.

If you’re hearing such a request from your child, indulge it! Learning to code is both a fun hobby and a great setup for future career prospects. Read on to discover the benefits that it can offer and how to help your kids to get started in the right way.


Learn skills beyond just coding

Coding is the art of designing a program that tells a computer what to do to achieve certain results. It’s a process that obviously has a great deal of practical application but, even if a child does not go onto work in technology, they can still benefit from a variety of skills that are developed through coding.

Problem-solving is at the heart of coding, and it’s an essential skill for young minds to develop. It can also teach youngsters to be patient and resourceful even when things don’t go to plan straight away, as well as offering a route for creative expression. The possibilities of coding are endless, making it easy for kids to envision something and then bring it to life.

Explore purpose-designed teaching kits

You don’t need to simply let your child loose on the internet and trust that they’ll find the right tools to develop themselves. There are a host of educational, child-friendly coding kits available that you can pick up, suitable for a variety of ages and purpose-designed to support STEM learning. It’s a way for you to encourage their interest while being confident that they’re learning safely.

A thriving tech sector awaits

Coding doesn’t necessarily need to be more than a fun hobby – no pressure! – but, for kids who discover a passion for it, there are lots of exciting possibilities for future careers. The UK’s tech sector is booming, with 2021 becoming a record year for the industry. With no sign of our reliance on technology slowing down, the ability to code can only be a positive for their post-educational prospects.

Learn together

There’s a great deal of joy to be found in the processes of learning and creating through experimentation. Especially if you don’t have a coding background either, learning together could be a fantastic bonding opportunity as you share in the feeling of discovery.


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