Newborn Babies: 5 Practical Parenting Tips You Need To Know

If you’ve recently become a new parent (or soon will be), there will invariably be loads of things you need to know or learn about newborn babies. As you can imagine, it might seem like a shock to the system with the things you must know.

But, don’t worry because there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Nor is there such a thing as a parent that never gets anything wrong! There are some things you should know that will make your life as a parent easier. Check out these five practical newborn baby tips:

1. Carry your baby (sometimes)

You’ve undoubtedly had various people giving you helpful advice on the different baby strollers on the market. The thing is, you’ll come across times where it’s easier to just carry your newborn to certain places you visit.

Have you ever heard of babywearing? It’s where you carry your baby in a sling or similar item, leaving you “handsfree” to do other stuff as you walk. There are many advantages of babywearing, such as better bonding and providing warmth to your newborn.

2. Colours are universal

Someone, somewhere thought it would be a good idea to designate blue baby clothing to boys, and pink to girls. The truth is, colours do not define a baby’s gender. There is absolutely nothing wrong with outfitting your newborn in any colours that you see fit!

It’s quite annoying that some parents feel they must conform to specific colours for the gender of their children. Don’t feel like you must conform to this stupid societal construct.

3. WaterWipes are best for all skin types

Some parents often scratch their hands and wonder why their newborn occasionally has strange rashes on their bodies. What they might not realise is their wet wipes are almost certainly to blame for the problem.

That’s because some babies have particularly sensitive skin. To combat that problem, use wet wipes such as WaterWipes. They don’t have any harsh chemicals or other ingredients that could cause your baby to have an allergic reaction.

4. Buy a changing bag with integrated mat

When you travel to places with your newborn, you will undoubtedly need to change their diapers. You already know that it makes sense to carry a changing bag with you that has all the supplies you and your baby will need.

But, what happens if there isn’t a suitable surface for changing your baby’s nappy? The answer is to purchase a changing bag with an integrated mat.

5. Keep a stock of nappy bags on you at all times

Following on from point four, make sure your changing bag also has plenty of diaper bags. When you need to dispose of a particularly smelly nappy, you can contain the smell (and the contents) in a sealed nappy bag.

They’re also useful if you have a pet dog and you need to pick up their poo when you venture outdoors with your baby!


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