Complete Your Bedroom Re-Design With These Accessories

A bedroom re-design is a big project to take on, with new furniture to buy, walls to be painted and new beds to be made, while not as time consuming as some other rooms in your home such as the kitchen, re-designing your bedroom will still take up quite a chunk of your time.

So as your bedroom re-design draws to a close and your bedroom is almost complete, it’s normal to want to finish up and start enjoying your fresh bedroom. But before you do that, there are a few final finishing touches for you to put into place, with some must have accessories that will really put a cherry on top of your new room. Let’s take a closer look!

Window Dressings

While you may not have thought about it when planning your bedroom re-design, your window dressings are one of the most important accessories to add to your bedroom. A good set of blinds will block out light pollution from the outside world to help make a dark room to sleep in, but a set of cheap low quality blinds will let light pour in and you’ll find it hard to sleep.

So, what window dressing should you get for your bedroom? It’s recommended that you get a set of made to measure roller blinds that are made with a blackout fabric, the blackout fabric will make sure light doesn’t enter from the outside, making the perfect space to sleep in.

Additional Lighting

We previously mentioned that having lots of light in your bedroom will make it harder for you to sleep, so it may seem strange that we’re suggesting you add extra lights inside your bedroom, but there are good reasons behind our suggestion here.

When you’re in your bedroom you’re not always asleep, lots of us read, relax and do other activities in our bedrooms and before bed you don’t want your whole room lit up. So find some nice lamps or a reading light for your bedroom to give you enough light for late night activities but not too much light to keep you up or wake up a snoozing partner.

Extra Seating

Again at face value this may seem like a strange suggestion, but when you’re doing activities that aren’t sleep related in your bedroom, it’s best not to do them in bed, so bedroom readers, gamers and TV watchers should have some extra seating in their bedroom to have somewhere other than the bed to sit down when they’re doing activities.

Your additional seating doesn’t even need to be that big, just having a small chair in the corner of your room should be enough for you, or if you have a partner a second chair may come in handy.


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