A Boon In Hair Removal Treatment For Men-Laser Hair Removal

hair removalExcessive hair growth on men has become the main concern for men. Earlier days men were not very concerned about hair growth, but now by increasing exposure to fashion and trends all want to enhance the way they look. Hair removal treatments in past years were considered to be a lady’s treatment but the athletes and bodybuilders started to get these treatments done to look good when they went for competitions. Gradually even common men started doing these hair removal treatments mainly men with excess growth on the body area.

Previously men used to trim their hair at regular intervals and it was a very tedious process then they started to follow traditional hair removal treatments such as shaving waxing and threading etc. These methods were not a permanent solution. These methods did not stop the growth of new hair. These old methods took a long time to get done and they had side effects. Shaving as all know it cannot be done all over the body and if not done carefully or one can get hurt and usage of old blades can be very unhygienic and can cause rashes. In Waxing, men with dense hair growth had to suffer a lot of pain while doing the process and it also caused burns to the skin at sensitive areas. Threading has to be done by a trained professional and it can’t be done on all parts of the body. If it’s not done by a professional one can get severely wounded. But by the invention of Laser Hair Removal treatment, all the above treatments have completely lost interest among the male community.

Laser hair removal for men is a complete transformation from all the traditional methods. Laser hair removal treatments are completely safe as it is done by a dermatologist in a clinic specializing in laser treatments. The first consultation is done by the dermatologist and a thorough investigation of the skin is done as to know about the skin and to determine the number of sitting required to complete the process. The treatment procedure varies according to each one’s skin type. Once that’s done then treatment is done by using laser devices which are used to remove hair. These lasers emit high-intensity light on the top layer of the skin that is bypassing the laser light on to the epidermis of the skin and damage the follicle which ultimately results in arresting the new growth of hair. These treatments can be done on anyone and with any skin type. This treatment does not have any side effects, but men with sensitive or broken skin may experience slight pain which will go off by the next day of the treatment. Staying away from sunlight after this treatment is advised as the skin will be tender and once exposed can cause irritation. The only thing one has to note while getting these treatments done is to go to the right clinic which is certified to carry out these treatments with specialised doctors.


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