MyPure Skin Care reviews #1 Lovea 100% Pure Argan Oil and A’Kin Pure Alchemy Cellular Radiance Serum

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Last month I was tres excited to be given a testing role for MyPure organic skincare. Launched in 2004 by Simon Golding from a cabin at the bottom of his garden, the brand is now the UK’s go-to online destination to buy purely natural and organic beauty products – all handpicked to represent the crop of the world’s best and most effective beauty brands, from cult buys to everyday essentials for all the family.

They believe that cosmetics, toiletries and home cleaning products made from natural & organic ingredients are easier on our bodies and less likely to cause problems like allergic reactions and skin sensitivity. As a Mum of a child who has eczema, as well as my husband being a life-long sufferer, I am always looking for ways to incorporate natural products within our day-to-day lives and ease the irritation that can so easily occur for them both. We’ve found over the last year or so that using more natural products definitely helps, and flare ups have dramatically reduced for both Adam and Freddie- which has made me think more about what I put on my own body and face beauty-wise. 

This past month I’ve tested the following products: The ‘A’Kin’ Pure Alchemy Cellular Radiance Serum, and the ‘Lovea’ 100% Pure Argan Oil spray. Here’s what I thought of both…

‘A’Kin’ Cellualar Radiance Serum


Now, I’ve always been someone who’s generally looked after their skin- a healthy diet, lots of water, and moisturising twice a day since I was 14. However, I’ve just turned 32, and suddenly I’m really starting to need a helping hand! I reckon nearly 5 years of broken/not enough sleep and quite possibly too much wine has meant that there are suddenly wrinkles where there were none before, and I haven’t been ‘glowing’ quite as much as I used to. 

The cellular radiance serum is a high potency, dual action serum – and is for those who want vibrant, glowing, healthy looking youthful skin. The unique serum contains a powerful combination of 6 pure, extremely rich certified organic anti-ageing extracts. All super critically cold extracted to preserve the delicate plant actives. The high concentration of rosehip oil within the serum supposedly make it ideal for fading age spots, acne scars and uneven skin tone- as someone who is naturally white/pink/grey of face, I REALLY need help with this!

So… My serum arrived and I was good to go, testing the product for a month (and I’m actually still going strong with it!). First impressions from a shallow perspective when I received the product were good: I was pleased that the packing wasn’t garish, and actually looks really classy- making it a nice addition to display on the bathroom shelf or your dressing table. The pipette to extract the serum is easy to use, and helps you carefully squeeze the droplets out on to fingertips or directly onto your face (I have mastered the tilting head back and squeezing on technique, I’m sure other people are far more delicate in their application!). 

The smell of the serum is lovely, in my opinion, a real, natural ‘earthy’ smell, but not one that is too overpowering- no one wants to walk around obviously smelling what’s on their face the next day! The bottle recommends that 3 or 4 drops are used per application, but I personally used 5 or 6 each night before bed as I like to get really good coverage. Even with upping the number of drops I’ve been surprised at how long the bottle has lasted- I’m a month in now, using it every night bar a few, and there’s still over half the bottle left. The nights that I haven’t used the serum (either because I was away and forgot to pack it, or had had a few drinks and er, ‘forgot’!), I’ve noticed the difference the next day- my skin has been duller (and yes, NOT just because of the wine) and doesn’t feel as silky, and that’s with me using my normal moisturiser on top. 

A month on I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed a huge reduction in wrinkles (although to be fair the product doesn’t promise to do that, I think just wishful thinking on my part!), but I HAVE noticed that my skins does, indeed, glow more, even first thing in the morning, and my skin tone really is more even. I need less BB Cream when I’m putting my slap on, and I look less tired, even though the kids haven’t slept great recently and we’ve had lots of late social events on. 

I am certainly going to keep using the A’Kin serum every day, and I can’t imagine NOT using a serum now,  a skincare routine without one seems alien!

Lovea 100% Pure Argan Oil Spray


I have a beauty confession to make. I am an extremely lazy body moisturiser (*hangs head in shame*). I’m either apparently in too much of a rush in the morning to give my bod some love, or too tired after a nighttime shower, so my poor skin often gets neglected, although I have gotten better in recent years. Which is why I chose to review the fabulous-smelling ‘Lovea’ 100% Argan Oil spray, as I felt me and a moisturising body spray might get on better in terms of ease of use.

I also liked the claims that the product makes: 

“Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil has been used for centuries by local tribes in North Africa but only recently has it come to the attention of cosmetic scientists. Research shows that the oil is packed with beautifying ingredients like vitamin E, phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids, in fact it is over 70% oleic & linoleum acids. These essential fatty acids are also known as the skin vitamin – Vitamin F, and just like other vitamins the body is unable to produce its own Vitamin F”.
Sounds good to me! As someone who suffers from ‘Keratosis Pilaris’ on the tops of my arms (chicken skin to you and I), if I don’t moisturise they can look quite red and lumpy and bumpy (nice), so I was keen on a personal level to see if the argan oil could make a difference to this area over time. 
I used the product for a month (and still going strong), every morning all over my body, and also on my arms (my problem skin area) every night before bed. The pump is quite small so not a lot comes out with every squirt, but as an oil, I found that actually a little goes a long way. I personally like the feel of an oil anyway on the skin, although if you’re unsure, then I can reassure you that the product is more of a ‘dry’ oil and not too greasy at all (which is crucial if you’re getting dressed in the morning before work, no one wants oily clothes!).
So far, the skin on my body is softer overall (as I’d expect to be honest), but I am REALLY pleased with the progress of my ‘arm skin’- the bumps have reduced and the redness has dramatically so. I’m going to keep using and will post pics on social in two months time, so you can really see the difference visually. I really feel like I’ve been let in on a new beauty secret, as my KP has been bugging me for YEARS!
So, so chuffed 🙂
A big thanks to MyPure for letting me review some of their lovely products, all words and opinions my own.

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