Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2024

Bridal jewellery trends are always evolving, so what’s influencing this year’s wedding season? From mixing metals to recycled gold, look at the trends you can wear on your big day.

Mixed precious metals

Bridal jewellery celebrates individuality, and there’s no better way to highlight your uniqueness than by mixing gold and silver pieces. Cartier has done this for years with jewellery such as its Classic Trinity ring. Its different metals symbolise fidelity, friendship and love. 

Mixing things up is no longer seen as one precious metal detracting from the other. Combining silver and gold can enhance the characteristics of each. The warm glow of gold shines brighter when contrasted with the cool tones of silver. And with silver’s current moment in the spotlight not fading any time soon, it would be a shame to leave it in the shadow of timeless gold.

Stacking different precious metals together is fast becoming popular. Combine a silver necklace with a gold pendant or stack rings in different precious metals on one finger. Balance the elements so one doesn’t overpower the other. You may, for instance, want to leave your engagement ring as a standalone highlight on your finger. Like your wedding day, it’s all about harmony.

Nature-inspired designs

To give your bridal jewellery a cute, on-trend twist, choose nature-inspired pieces. This works with the trend towards more fun, eclectic jewellery in 2024. If your wedding is at the height of summer, particularly if it’s an outdoor ceremony, why not accessorise your bridalwear with bee-inspired jewellery? Bee pendants and bee earrings crafted from sterling silver will give your outfit a welcome touch of levity if you’re worried it may be all too serious when you take your vows.

Celestial jewellery is appropriate to wedding day heaven. Moon and star earrings or silver star charm hoop earrings will look gorgeous as you walk up the aisle and will carry you through into the evening celebrations. Colours too are nature-inspired ­- from earthy, forest greens to the vivid colours of wildflowers. The use of natural stones and materials connects to nature, with design elements such as rough-cut gems and wood. So, include gemstones in your wedding look to continue the natural look and feel.

Sustainable jewellery

Precious metals can come at a cost to the planet. Sustainable jewellery prioritises using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones. Consequently, recycled metals such as gold and responsibly sourced gems are becoming conscious choices by the jewellery industry and its customers. But there’s no need to compromise on style.

Sapphires are increasing in popularity. Although the mining and sourcing of diamonds are improving, the geographical location of sapphire mines means they are considered lower-conflict stones and more ecologically and socially responsible.

And look out for lab-grown diamonds. The controlled creation of these manmade stones means high-clarity diamonds can be ethically created, although there is still work to do in making them a truly sustainable solution.

So, mix it up, let nature guide you and be aware of the planet. But most of all, enjoy your big day!



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