4 activities to Try in Turkey

If you’re planning a sun-soaked trip to Turkey soon, you may be wondering what activities to do while you’re there. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and action-packed adventures to be had across the country – so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Here are four great activities to try during your trip.

  1. Walking tour

Sightseeing is a must during Europe trips – and what better way to experience the culture and history than a walking tour? Exploring on foot allows you to soak in the scenery, get up close to ancient sites and venture to lesser-known spots that would be tricky to reach otherwise.

Some of the best places to go on walking tours include the beautiful Rose Valley, Pigeon Valley and White Valley. Each offers incredible trails with picturesque views over the Turkish landscape. You could also discover the bustling city of Istanbul, UNESCO World Heritage sites like Aspendos, and the ancient city of Troy.

  1. Scuba diving

Do you love exploring the depths of the ocean? Then why not go scuba diving during your trip to Turkey? It’s the perfect place to plunge into the Mediterranean, where coral reefs, rock formations, historic wrecks and wildlife await.

According to Padi, “Kaş is the diving capital of Turkey” and “is one of the top 100 dive sites of the world because of its abundance of marine life and ancient relics”. If you aren’t planning on visiting this location, other great areas for diving include Fethiye, Kalkan and Oludeniz.

  1. Kayaking

Another great activity for ocean lovers is kayaking. Push off from the sandy shoreline in your kayak to enjoy stunning views of the coastline while you paddle. They are fairly easy to steer, which makes this activity family-friendly and suitable for those with little to no experience in kayaking.

There are plenty of beautiful spots to uncover from your kayak, such as secluded coves and sandy beaches. You’ll be able to visit quieter places that large vessels are unable to reach, offering glimpses into unspoiled areas of natural beauty.

  1. Hot air balloon ride

If you’re keen to set your sights on the most picturesque parts of Turkey, head up into the clouds on a hot air balloon ride. This will give you an incredible aerial view of the landscape below as you glide through the sky.

One of the most popular places to go hot air ballooning is Cappadocia, which sits in central Turkey. The area is best known for its fascinating geology, with ancient rock formations, beautiful valleys, orchards, and vineyards. Here, you’ll see the iconic ‘fairy chimneys’ that have formed over thousands of years.

Whatever you decide to do during your visit to Turkey, we’re sure you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime.


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