My first vlog- oo-er!

These past few days of half term have been a write-off, due to the fact I’ve been floored by a grim chest infection and viral thing, that has sadly scuppered my holiday plans with the children. Massive ‘sad face’ here, as I was so looking forward to spending time with them, but also hugely thankful for amazing family, and a husband who took the reins despite have a ton of work to do.

However, in ‘every cloud’ mode, I’ve been cheered up by the arrival of my new camera early this week, and having a play with it! After taking some important snaps at the weekend, I was disappointed to discover that once more, and even after editing, my photos were looking a touch on the grainy-side. Since this wasn’t the first time this had happened, and after realising that lenses tend to have a shelf life (my Nikon DSLR zoom one is now nearly 6 years old), I decided to take the plunge and invest in an Olympus Pen. I know, I know, this seems like the ‘camera of the moment’ and every lemming Instagrammer’s dream, but I have done my research, and reckon that right now this is the camera that will work best for me and the type of snaps I want to achieve. PLUS, it has the video function, something that my old Nikon doesn’t have, and something that I’ve wanted for a while, so I can put a tentative foot into the vlogging world. 

I’m not sure I’m ready for full-on talking-to-the-camera-over-sharing, but as someone with a background in broadcast journalism and radio, I think it would be disingenuous to say that  I’m not familiar with the sound of my own voice, so I’m sure I can get over how I look on camera pretty quickly too. 😉 

I’ve thought about what I might like to do vlog-wise, and as always, I’m drawn to the more creative-side of things. I’m thinking mini tours of rooms in our house to support my previous posts, some crafts and up-cycling, homeware ‘hauls’ (I hate this word, I need to think of a new one that will be picked up on in YouTube searches, haha!), and also family day out and travel posts. At uni I really enjoyed the creative-side of putting together a video or film, so I’m hoping once I get back into the swing of things that i’ll get that feeling again.

To warm up though, my first video is a little tour of Sasha’s new bedroom. This has been a popular post of mine from last year, and some of the images from it have been my most popular pins of Pintrest, so I thought it would be a good start! Please forgive a slightly wobbly first edit…

8 thoughts on “My first vlog- oo-er!”

  1. Love it!!! You are fab and it comes across so well. Sorry to hear you’ve had the awful infection too – me too 🙁 BOO!!!! Hope you’re ok xx Thanks for linking up – love it. Jess xx


  2. Aaah I LOVE this!! 🙂 You sound great on the narration too! It’s SUCH a gorgeous room — especially the wallpaper. You did well tracking down such a lovely purple one!! So fab to see this — thanks for linking up hun xx #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks Caro, it’s SO ‘ICK’ hearing yourself on camera, but it was really fun to film 🙂 I’m really pleased with the wallpaper, finding a nice purple one is no mean feat! x

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