March Favourites

I’m back to the land of the living after nearly a week of having a nasty bout of tonsilitis- I haven’t had it for years and forget how horrible it is and how much it wipes you out! But back I am blog-wise too, and bringing you some of my March favourites. 

You know when you have some months where you don’t buy anything for you/the home, and others where you seem to have splurged loads? Well, mine’s the latter, mostly to do with the fact we’ve moved back into our house post-building work and I’ve been picking up little bits and bobs that I’ve seen for the home. Thankfully, none of my favourites this month have cost a fortune, and I’m pleased with how our place is coming together- so satisfying!

This month my favourites are:

  1. Gold/white wire peg board c/o Sainsburys ‘Ethereal’ Range. I was sent this by Sainsburys the other month as an item that i’d chosen for our new kitchen, but due to the building work being delayed I couldn’t use it up until now. I’ve always wanted a board like this to display postcards, notes and party invites, and this is perfect. I LOVE the colours too. It looks ace on our new kitchen island pillar.
  2. Mac ‘Strobe’ cream in gold– how have I not bought this before?! My face has been suffering from that end-of-winter-need-some-sun dullness, despite using the same foundation I always use, so using a bit of this on my cheeks and temples has really pepped up my face.
  3. The children are loving their brand new ‘Perpetual’ Calendar from the Great Little Trading Co. It has changeable days/months/numbers/weather so they can use it daily, and it’s already helped S in particular get to grips with the different months of the year. A big thumbs up from our two members of the testing team!
  4. Another Sainsburys ‘Ethereal’ Range goody here, in the same vein as the peg board, is a white and gold wire basket. I’ve used mine to hold beauty bits on my new dressing table (more on that in another post!), and it looks so cool and funky. Sainsburys really do have some great homeware this season. 
  5. My new ‘passion flower and mango’ candle, also from Sainsburys although I wasn’t sent this, I just picked it up when I went to get a few bits- so dangerous! It has a lovely smell and not too overpowering, perfect for spring. 
  6. Two new prints that I ADORE. The first is by ‘Place in Print’ and is of the Crystal Palace transmission tower, a landmark that we can see from our house and so has local relevance to us. The second is an ace ‘Miaowie Bowie’ print that I bought from an Etsy store in the states, as a nod to the man himself, and well, I like cats too. I keep changing my mind as to where these are going to go, but either way I need to hurry up and make a decision!
  7. More Sainsburys ‘Ethereal’ Range joy, with these grey/mint/yellow geometric bed-covers that go oh-so-well in our newly decorated bedroom. I’ve wanted some new ones for ages, and actually felt excited when I first saw these! I like how our new bedroom is finally coming together, such a great feeling. 


What things are you loving this month? 



  1. B
    March 16, 2017 / 9:31 am

    Beautiful photos – I especially love both the B pillow (as well as the linen) and the peg board!

    • Becky
      March 24, 2017 / 9:53 am

      Thank you, I’m really loving the pegboard too!

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