It’s Time To Put Your Wooden Floor Worries To Bed

If Pinterest is anything to go by, wooden flooring in the bedroom is the new ‘it’ trend. And, if you’ve seen the pictures, you’ll know just how much this switch can bring your bedroom to life. So let’s put any wooden floor worries to bed!

After all, no other flooring style is as striking or crisp. Finally, you’ll be able to wake up feeling fresh and straight out of a millennial dream.

Sadly, for many of us, this is a dream that never quite comes to fruition. That’s because, while wooden flooring can look fantastic in Pinterest bedrooms and Airbnbs, many of us can’t imagine the same in our bedroom sanctuaries. Instead, a few recurrent fears convince us that carpet is best.

Most often, though, overcoming these fears, or putting them to bed, if you like, is easy enough, as you’ll see if you keep on reading. 

The risk of discomfort

Worries around comfort have to be the most common reasons for hesitancy. Too often, we imagine that the wooden switch would mean stepping out onto a cold surface every morning. Luckily, it needn’t be that way. For instance, if you’re willing to splash the cash, underfloor heating can see wood feeling just as toasty as any carpet. More realistically, you could even turn to sheepskin rugs or similar as offered by companies like Glencroft. By simply placing these right next to your bed, your feet can land in comfort every morning while still admiring your minimalist haven. 

Won’t everything look more cluttered?

Many of us also worry that, because wooden flooring is so stark, it could make the rest of the bedroom look cluttered. Honestly, we can’t deny that this is the case. Wooden flooring is, after all, the reserve of the minimalist for a reason. But, merely stripping back to a few essential bedroom items could still see your room looking its best. We’re talking your bed, a few bedside tables, and perhaps a chest for clothes. Then, scrap things like that armchair in the corner and your unused vanity table to truly help you make the most out of your bedroom at last.

Will wooden flooring even match your bedroom features?

Given how much wooden flooring can cost for even one room, you may also worry whether it’ll fit the features you have. After all, the last thing you want is to buy a brand new bedroom setup after splashing all that cash! Lucky for you, wooden floors are far more adaptable than you might realise. Most often, the blank canvas finish they achieve means that they’ll pair well with the majority of accessories. Even better, there are many shades, finishes, and even styles on the market to make sure that you can match this flooring solution to whatever else you have going in if you’re concerned.

Wooden flooring in the bedroom may seem like a pretty extreme leap, but trust us when we say that you’ll be glad of it. Now, stop procrastinating and put those wooden floor worries to bed once and for all.


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