Keeping Your Family’s Spirits Up During Lockdown

Our lives have changed more than we could have ever imagined over the past couple of months. Usually, our family lives revolve around a pretty hectic routine. We get up and get the kids ready in the morning. Do the school drop off. Face the commute to work or head home and have to face the housework and routine chores. We pick the kids up. We have to get them fed and ready for any after school clubs or extracurricular activities they’re signed up to. We get them settled down, tucked into bed and start again the next morning. Weekends are usually packed with fun family activities, seeing friends and family and more. Now, we’re all suddenly stuck in our homes to protect ourselves and others while reducing the spread of coronavirus. It’s not surprising that spirits can suddenly dip. We’re limited when it comes to what we can do and we’re all bound to be missing extended family members and friends. But there are plenty of ways to keep everyone’s spirits up through this tough time. Here are a few to consider!


Keep a Sense of Routine

Usually our days are organised around getting everyone to set places at set times. When we’re all in all day, we can suddenly feel a bit lost – we’re not rushing to be anywhere, so does routine really matter? Sure, you can relax these measures a little bit. But really, it’s good to maintain a sense of routine in order to maintain a sense of normality for everyone. Organising your day around meal times can be a good idea. Set a wake up time, set a breakfast time, set a lunchtime, set a dinner time and set a bedtime. This will help to keep everyones’ day in order.

Take Some You Time

You’re going to have the kids on hand all day every day right now. But it’s important that you take a little you-time as well. This will help to release pressure, tension, stress and anxiety, putting you in a better mood and helping you look after your little ones in better spirits. So, when they’re off to bed, why not kick back and relax? Have a cup of tea and catch up on a TV series you’re interested in. Try a little meditation. Have a bath. Catch up with some friends with a glass of wine over video chat. Just do something purely for you.

Come Up With Fun Activities

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean your family can’t have fun. If you have a garden, hold a picnic out there. Get some board games out. Do some jigsaw puzzles. Colour and paint by numbers. Do dot to dots. There’s so much potential for fun!


These are just a few different things you can do during lockdown to keep yourself, your little ones and everyone you live with as happy and content as possible. Implement them into your day to day routine!


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