How To Choose The Right Contact Lenses For You With These Helpful Tips

Summer is finally on the horizon! Although the drastic weather changes from blue skies to downpour days do not allude to possible warmer days, the summer months will soon come around. Some will dust off their beloved shades, and others might find their prescription sunglasses. However, for those that need glasses but do not want to wear prescription sunglasses, choosing to wear contact lenses is something they will likely consider. This article will help you choose the right contact lenses for you.

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can take a moment to process, as you are experiencing having perfect eyesight without wearing your glasses. Also, becoming comfortable with putting contacts in and taking them out can take time to get used to. Despite this, even those who have worn contact lenses for years can have trouble sometimes!

Before investing in a pair of contact lenses, ensure that you choose the right ones for you and your eyes. Keep reading to find helpful tips to guide you along this selection process.

Comfort Is Key

A surprising factor for many is the different contact lens types. Each pair varies in durability, material and shape – all factors impacting the contact lenses’ comfort. Ensure that you speak with your optician about the type of contact lenses best suited for your eye shape. Knowing this will help you to select a type that will be more comfortable to wear.

As for materials, you can choose between hard or soft contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are made from more durable plastic. These types of contact lenses can be worn for longer periods. Soft lenses are more comfortable to wear as the material used is far thinner than hard contact lenses. Compared to hard contact lenses, the soft options are considered more comfortable and easiest to use.

Consider How Often You Will Wear Them

Although comfort is key, consider how often you wear your contact lenses. If you plan to be a frequent wearer, such as every day for long periods, then opting for hard contact lenses might be your preferred choice. As mentioned, hard contact lenses are made from a more durable plastic than soft contact lenses. Since they last longer, they can work out more affordable, as you pay for one pair to wear for prolonged periods. Additionally, hard contact lenses can provide sharper vision than soft lenses, which is perfect for those wanting to wear them daily.

However, if you plan to wear contact lenses for some social occasions and not every day, choosing soft lenses might be the better alternative. Soft lenses are made from hydrogels and are far more comfortable on the eyes than hard lenses. With soft lenses, you can invest in disposable ones, meaning you wear them once, for a maximum of roughly 10-12 hours, and throw them away once you take them out. You can also invest in ones to wear for longer, but these require cleaning and are only eligible for a select few. Not only this, but the vision is also sometimes less sharp than hard lenses, so this factor is worth keeping in mind when deciding.

Think About Trying Varifocal Contacts

Of course, most wear contact lenses to help them see things at a distance. However, if you wear varifocal glasses daily, consider investing in varifocal contacts. This way, you can still benefit from wearing varifocals whilst not wearing glasses. Fortunately, you can choose between soft and hard lenses. As such, depending on how often you wish to wear them, you can select the best option.

If you are searching for the right varifocal contacts, you can visit the Lenstore online to view their vast selection of varifocal contacts. With a vast selection of brands and styles, you will likely find the right pair of varifocal contact lenses. Using an online provider means provides the flexibility of ordering new pairs when you are running out of your disposables or need to replace your monthly lenses.

Regularly Experience Dry Eyes Or Suffer From Allergies

Wearing contact lenses can be drying on the eyes. If you are someone that experiences dry eyes regularly, there might be a better route for you than contact lenses. The same applies to those suffering from allergies, such as hay fever. Of course, you can use eye drops to help add moisture to your eyes, and some options allow you to use them when wearing contact lenses.

However, before investing in contact lenses, it is worth speaking with your optician beforehand to see your options. They can recommend what options would be best suited for your eyes, depending on their shape, eyesight, and how dry they become.

Amongst all these factors, cost and comfort are two of the most important qualities to consider. Whilst dailies come with a lower price tag, they can be costly in the long term, especially if you wear them virtually daily. If this is the case, it could be worth investing in hard lenses that you continue to re-wear as long you store them properly and clean them correctly.

When the sun finally does come out, you can pop in your new pair of contacts and wear your favourite shades to protect your eyes.

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