Loft room Organisation, parent-child bonding and reminiscing old favourites with Playmobil

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I’ll tell you what, the weather being pants overall this month hasn’t half meant that I’ve got some house re-arranging and organisation done. Usually this would all be abandoned with glee in favour of the great outdoors, but even with the best will in the world we’ve been stuck indoors at times.

The other day, Freddie was downstairs watching his favourite train programme on the telly, and little madam S came upstairs to ‘help’ me tidy and sort a few bits and pieces in our new loft room. This idea of ‘help’ was quickly forgotten in favour of 2 new boxes of Playmobil that we were lucky enough to have been sent by House of Fraser to review (who knew they did toys? I had no idea!).

Coming at the perfect time on a rainy day, I soon ditched my sorting in order to help my little lady set up the fabulous ‘Summer Fun’ camping set, and ‘Country’ gypsy caravan and horse set– chosen to remind the children of our camping trip to WOWO in Sussex last month. You see, when I was a child, Playmobil was one of my absolute favourite things to play with (I had the stable set, natch), and it’s probably the only ‘toy collection’ that I clung on to right up until toys were discarded in favour of dubious Rimmel make up (Heather Shimmer, anyone?), Kappa Jackets and UK Garage.

So putting this together for S (and shortly after, F, who pootled on upstairs), took me right back on a trip down memory lane. In the rush of day-to-day life, you sometimes forget how nice it is to just with your child and chat, whilst setting up a toy/game.  We had amusing little chats on our new squishy carpet, about all sorts of random things that 3 year olds like to chat about (Frozen, what’s for tea later? why don’t I have a willy? etc etc). You really can’t beat hanging with a 3 year old!

I’ve always liked Playmobil for the fact that it’s such a ‘classic’ toy, and the different sets are just so detailed- it really tickled me to see mini maps, electric plug in points and tinned food in our camping set! Adam and I, with a little help from Granny, had been more than happy to start their Playmobil collections off last Christmas, as we know that they will get so much play value out of them over the coming years, and hopefully enjoy them for as long as I did. 

So after a good 20 minutes of detailed play, and acting out scenarios with the figures and my gorgeous twosome, I got back to work, and watched them play with their new toys.

“We’re so lucky, Mummy”, Freddie said.

Yes you are, my boy, but I’M the luckier one, being able to watch you play so well together, and really enjoy being the fabulous, imaginative little people you are.

Long live Playmobil!


A huge thank you to House of Fraser for sending Freddie and Sasha these Playmobil sets to review and enjoy- they love them!




  1. August 29, 2015 / 6:09 am

    I used to love Playmobil so much as a kid! I wish I had kept all mine as I had loads. x

    • Becky
      August 30, 2015 / 2:51 pm

      I know, me too! along with Sylvanian Families, I had so many sets! x

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