Rock Luggage ‘Vintage’ Suitcase – Review

2020 might not be the year we’ve gone anywhere in terms of globe-trotting, but my thoughts are already turning to, and planning, future adventures and travel in (hopefully) 2021. When it comes to travelling, one the things on my ‘to-do’ list for a while has been to begin to update our family suitcases, having been using the same, increasingly tired ones for the past decade (and longer!). So when Rock Luggage got in touch and asked if I’d like to review one of their suitcases from their Hard Luggage range, I jumped at the chance! Rock is a UK-based, family-run luggage brand, so it’s been great to discover and support a UK company I wasn’t aware of before. 

As a family we love to travel, and one of the things that has bugged me in recent years when getting from a-to-b, has been the fact that our stuff has often arrived battered, due to being squished into a soft, material suitcase (drawbacks of a growing family and being in denial about needing extra suitcases!). For this reason alone I’d been keen to upgrade to the hard shell variety and something a bit sturdier, with also that vintage luggage look. 

Looking at the Rock Luggage website, I instantly swooned at the Rock Luggage Vintage Suitcase range, as the classic-looking ‘trunk’ appearance makes the cases look super-smart, and I loved the range of colours. I decided to go for a gorgeous Rose Pink suitcase, one that I could use on family trips, but also weekends away with friends or Ad. The same suitcase in navy would’ve been a close second choice though, and one I’m considering purchasing soon to go along with my pink one! 

Rock Luggage Vintage Suitcase

In lieu of an actual trip abroad, I took my new suitcase for a test-glide around the neighbourhood, and was very impressed with how easy it was to manoeuvre (no doubt helped by the 8 easy-glide, 360 degree rotating double wheels that increase stability). There’s nothing worse than running for a train and your suitcase is clattering along behind you as the wheels are rubbish! 

The aluminium telescopic handle on the suitcase also allows the height of it to be easily adjusted using the push button, and is made from durable aluminium. I’ve had an issue with suitcase handles ‘sticking’ before and not going up and down, but so far so good with the ‘Vintage’. 

Rock Luggage Vintage Suitcase

When it comes to security, there is an integrated TSA combination lock, which took me a few minutes to figure out (I’m always paranoid I’m going to mess it up, forget the code, and get locked out forever!), but once I’d ‘got it’ it was fine, and this is a feature I’m looking forward to having for the first time ever on a suitcase when travelling. Previously, we’ve always used little padlocks and keys, and then spent an ages faffing about to find these in the old handbag on arrival at our holiday destination. 

Rock Luggage Vintage Suitcase

The interior of the Vintage has lovely, luxurious soft-touch lining, as well as a mesh divider section to put other bits and bobs in. The case is also home to a zipped, inside pocket and some elasticated packing straps to hold your clothes securely in place.

The big draw for me with this particular suitcase is the hard shell to protect your possessions, and the ‘Vintage’ doesn’t disappoint with its sturdiness. The shell is made from ABS material, (apparently this makes it super-tough), and the reinforced corners help with any unavoidable bashes out and about, or heavy-handed baggage handlers. 

My medium suitcase measures 67 x 41 x 26 cm, so if you’re looking for hand-luggage that can go on a plane, the small version of the vintage is probably more up your street, measuring up at 54 x 35 x 22.5 cm. 

Rock Luggage Vintage Suitcase

The ‘Vintage’ isn’t the cheapest suitacase on the market (RRP at £184.99, but currently in the sale for a tidy £94.99!), but it’s a great travel investment for yourself or your family when it looks like it’ll last for donkey’s years. I’m fed up of cheapo cases that really aren’t a joy to lug around, so wheeling this beauty around my area has been a real pleasure- although the neighbours must’ve thought I was mad in the current climate and wondered where I was off to!

I’m looking forward to updating this review once my suitcase has been on a plane next year (fingers crossed) and can report back on how it’s fared. 


*Thanks to Rock Luggage for sending me fabulous Rock Luggage Vintage suitcase to review, all words and opinions my own. 

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  1. April 29, 2021 / 9:46 am

    This case looks gorgeous I love the vintage style!

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