Korbell Nappy Bin Review

Nappy Bin Review

I’m not going to lie- I never thought that I’d be the kind of blogger to review such a thing as nappy bin, but since having Arlo, I am clearly excited by all things baby once more, and what I am excited about right now is definitely worth sharing if you have a little one in nappies!

Step forward, please: the Korbell Nappy Bin.

First up, the design is super-stylish in that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in any nursery, bedroom or bathroom (I went for a delightful mint green one that went well with Arlo’s grey, white and yellow Scandi-style nursery), and most importantly, it actually WORKS in holding dirty nappies with zero smell and faff to dispose of.

Nappy Bin Review


When Freddie was a baby 6 years ago, we were given a second-hand leading brand’s nappy disposal bin, and to be honest it really wasn’t very good and was awkward to use. We soon ditched it, using a normal bin in the nursery (something we continued when Sasha was born), and even using scented bin liners it still made the room hum a fair bit. But to be honest, we didn’t think there was a decent alternative on the market- until now that is!

The bin works by having one continuous liner on the inside of the bin (that can be accessed by a little door on the front). When the bag is full, you then cut the top off to the desired length in order to tie a knot in the top, using the safety ‘cutter’ on the inside of the bin before disposing of. The new liner hanging down then has a bag created from it by tying a knot in the bottom (if all that makes sense? There are very easy-to-follow instructions on the inside of the bin that explain it a lot better than my sleep-deprived brain does!). 

The bin holds are fair amount of nappies, so you’re not changing constantly (maybe every other day?), and you can tie and create the size of the bag you want depending on how many nappies are in the bin. I like the fact that there’s a pedal that opens the bin by foot, and the inside lid to put the nappies in also opens and closes easily. Crucial when holding a baby in one arm and a precarious poo bag in the other!

Nappy Bin Review Nappy Bin Review

You can buy the bins in 3 different sizes- Mini (9 litre), Standard (16 litre, and what we’ve been reviewing) and Plus (26 Litres), and to be honest I’m considering buying a Mini one for our bathroom as they look so pretty and are also perfect for disposing of san-pro products and nappies before bath time etc. You can buy the Korbell nappy bins from Cheeky Rascals at around £29.99, and the liner refills from there too. 

The Korbell has been a surprising hit in our house, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a baby or child still in nappies.


We were sent this bin in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions my own.



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  1. Akhona
    June 7, 2021 / 12:39 pm

    I love I love I need this for my Nephew?

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