How I get creative when I’m stuck in a rut

One of the ‘issues’ for want of a better word with being a self-employed content creator, for both yourself and for brands, is continuing to maintain the same level of creativity and quality of the articles, videos and photography that you’re putting out there on a nearly daily basis. I love what I do, but I’m only human and there are times where I’m sleep deprived, poorly, or just plain stuck in a brain-fogged-creativity rut that hinders progress, and means that I can sit down at my laptop or with pen and paper and just go “ugh!”

But to continue to grow as a blog, and now as a business writing content for both big and small brands/companies, I need to continue to be inspired.

Here is how I keep those creative juices flowing, even if I’m not always feeling it- these ways definitely perk me up creatively!

Meeting up with other bloggers/creatives

I don’t have time to do this enough since having Arlo, but I absolutely love meeting up with other local like-minded blogger types, some of who have become actual friends now. Last week I met up for brunch with the lovely Alison, and as someone who has been in the blogging game for a lot longer than I am, I find her knowledge, chats and advice very uplifting and inspiring. Plus, she’s a good egg too! This year I’m determined to go to at least a couple of blogging events, as due to pregnancy and new baby last year I didn’t get the chance to. I love meeting old and new friends, and it’s great to bounce ideas off people who just ‘get it’. 


I still make an effort to sit down with a magazine as often as possible, as a.) it’s good to just relax and not be sourcing information purely from a screen, and b.) I find photo taking inspo aplenty. I always bookmark pages that have photographs/shots that might work with certain articles I’m writing, and save them with post-it notes. 


Unless you are winning IG with a gazzilion followers, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Instagram as a blogger/creative, thanks to the annoying algorithm that there is now, meaning that your posts don’t always get seen. I try not to sweat it though when it comes to this, preferring to use IG as a means of inspiration. I search certain hashtags, especially interiors ones for me, and get lost in a joyous rabbit hole of home inspiration, and ideas for my own features and own home updates. 


Always my happy place (you can follow me HERE), it’s the obvious place to find inspiration for so many different things- from food, to interiors, and from fashion to crafts. If I spend half an hour sorting my boards and adding to them, I feel inspired and often ready to start a new home project or even put together new outfits and looks from my current wardrobe. 

Stepping away from technology

Sometimes you just can’t force it, and there’s nothing better than staying off social media and the laptop for a couple of days. Seeing friends, reading a book, getting out in the fresh air with your family and your camera, all leave me feeling ridiculously happy. I also enjoy playing with the kids and doing some crafty things, such as drawing, painting, bead threading or sewing, and I usually come bouncing back home refreshed and motivated to start some work or writing again. 


How do you get inspired?

I’d love to hear how other people get creative!

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