8 Hours 8 Photos

  1. New lip print for the bathroom shelfie (printed off at home!)
  2. Messy Sunday bed
  3. This 7 month old pickle on a newly-made bed
  4. Bitter marmalade on toast, coffee
  5. Fabulous, imaginative play
  6. Casual lunch in pyjamas
  7. Testing out the new birthday present- a toy helicopter
  8. Freddie’s birthday party cake

*In case you’re thinking this is a bit weird, this is my photo project challenge for 2018: to pick a day where we’re largely at home, pick up my camera and use it on manual, and then capture and edit some otherwise very ordinary moments. I’m no amazing photographer, but anyone can do this and it’s a good way to use the creative brain and think outside the box, without (really) having to leave the comfort of my home! 


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