How Can We Convince Our Relatives & Friends To Live More Healthily?

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When it comes to getting fit and being able to live more healthily the benefits of your hard work are so overwhelming that you may start to question why you hadn’t been following this particular lifestyle until now. Better late than never, as they always say. That said, these benefits can be so intensive that we may start to wish them upon anyone, especially those we love. It’s not nice to see a relative or friend struggle with their health when direct action, appropriately handled, could possibly help them through and through.

Yet ultimately, we must respect their right to make adult decisions and not impose our own philosophies onto them, because that would be wrong. That said, there’s nothing unethical about helping someone become gently aware of the benefits of taking care of their health, and to express that you just want the best for them as someone you care about. How can you do this delicately, and how can you enjoy a higher chance of success? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:


Join Them In Their New Routine

Offering to come with them, or to help them, or to get them started on a given path. Perhaps your grandparent wishes to walk more in order to get exercise, but fears falling over or having a tough time going it alone. Bringing them to the park weekly and helping them walk their dog could be a great way for you to bond while making sure they stretch their legs, live more healthily and enjoy a higher quality of life. This principle can be applied to many positive efforts.


Showcase Expert Opinions

Sometimes, it can be worthwhile to show what the experts think rather than just nagging them to behave a certain way yourself. For instance, it might be that they’ve been hesitant to get vaccinated, but showing them what board-certified plastic surgeons think about COVID-19 could help them see an expert opinion they’re rarely exposed to. It might also be that showcasing the recommendations of experts in the condition your relative has to manage, and their advice for unlocking quality of life, can help them see that proper health outcomes and motivations never lack potential. This could, by consequence, inspire them to try again.


Never Judge Them

Judgment rarely convinces anyone into positive action, it just makes them want to withdraw and feel as though you’re not an ally they need to get healthy. That can be a shame, so it’s best to be careful about our approach. We can show that we care about people without making them think that we’re forcing them to fit our standards. It takes patience, compassion, and appreciation to do this. It also takes sharing your own truth, such as showing what your renewed lifestyle has done for you. This way we can put ourselves on the exact same level as those we care about rather than lording over them in any way.


With this advice, you’ll have more of a chance when convincing our relatives and friends to live more healthily.



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