Festive Gingerbread Houses 2021!

gingerbread house

Okay, so I realise that now we’re well into January that this post is no longer relevant to the season, but I still really wanted to record what has gradually become a Freeman Family Christmas tradition over the years: Annual Gingerbread House Making Day! 

We buy kits every year, not consistently from the same place (we can vouch that 2020’s M&S ones have been the most stable to make), therefore each year there’s always that slight uncertainty as to how they’ll actually turn out (I’m afraid we bottle it and don’t bake our own!).

With not an M&S one in sight for 2021 (honestly, in the epitome of a first world problem, the bloody things were sold out everywhere ala 2020’s bog roll), so we took a gamble on three gingerbread house kit from Flying Tiger and got cracking one Sunday afternoon. I realise that to many this is such a mundane, possibly twee thing to write about, but for us the snaps are lovely to look back on, and I love the comfort of a seasonal ritual, especially after the past couple of years.

The kids really enjoy it too, and I think it’s something that they’ll still continue to get involved with even as teens <hopeful> 

I have to say that these houses weren’t the most stable, but once we helped the kids assemble them and hold them together so the icing would bond, we were away with the decorating! With varying results…!

gingerbread house

Not too shabby at all! Very impressed with the detail. Top tip from us now is to do this activity early December, then you still have plenty of time to admire and eat them, before the food and sweets overload around Christmas Day- definitely less wastage! 

A gingerbread house kit is one of my favourite things to do with the kids- roll on this Christmas! 


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