Easy Easter Tissue Paper Wreath

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Well, spring has sprung, and Easter, although late this year, will be nearly upon us. I realised today that I hadn’t done a crafty post in a while, which is unlike me, so here we are, going to make an easy Easter Tissue Paper Easter Wreath!

Sasha had a go yesterday at making these easy Easter/Spring tissue paper wreaths whilst Freddie was at preschool. She really enjoys her crafts now, and loves to get stuck in to gluing, sticking, painting… you name it, she wants to get messy doing it!

This is a cheery craft that is a great ‘first sticking’ one for a younger toddler like S. I put the glue in a little pot with a spreader for her, and helped her tear up the different coloured tissue paper into bits, so that it was easier for sticking onto the paper plate ‘wreath’ base. An older child can do this by themselves, or practice using scissors to cut the paper up. This is also great for young toddler’s colour recognition, and Sasha was keen to tell me what colour each bit of tissue paper was that she was sticking.

You will need:

  • A plain white paper plate.
  • A selection of different coloured tissue paper.
  • PVA glue and spreader.
  • Scissors.

easter wreaths 1



1. Cut out a circle within your paper plate. I followed the defined ‘circle’ in the middle of my one.

Easter Wreaths 2

2. Tear up, or help your toddler tear up the pieces of tissue paper into small bits.

easter wreaths 3

3. Then let your toddler get gluing and sticking!

easter wreaths 4 easter wreaths 5 easter wreaths 6 easter wreaths 7

4. The finished result should look something like Sasha’s (below)!

tissue paper Easter wreath

A perfect Easter Tissue paper Wreath decoration to hang on your wall! Sasha was very proud, and couldn’t wait to show Daddy hers 🙂

Becky x


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