Getting Ready for dining this Christmas with Quercus Living

As someone who has just spent a lot of time thinking about how to dress my Christmas dining table this year (I’ve recently finished filming for Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Christmas, to be shown on Channel 4 this December), I believe what’s often forgotten is the ACTUAL dining table underneath. If it ain’t half decent, then no amount of dressing on the top is going to set a Christmas scene well!

Our dining table is a crucial part of our lives: We eat at it, talk/ laugh/cry/argue around it, craft on it- so many family memories are made around once piece of furniture, so it pays to make sure you have a good one. One that suits the size and needs of your family, as well as reflecting your individual sense of style.

With this in mind, the wonderful team at Quercus Living have produced a guide to dining in style, and choosing the right table for you.

Make sure your turkey has a place it can be centre stage on proudly this Christmas!


*Collaborative post.


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