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With our house move starting to actually progress a little faster now (praise the lord!), our thoughts are turning to the work that will need/we will want doing once we move into our new home. 

We’re fortunate that as far as houses go, our new one is actually in pretty good nick. The current owners have re-done a fair amount to the house (apart from the bathroom) within the last three years, and whilst it’s not exactly to our taste, their is nothing totally hideous that we can’t live with for a months. 

However, we definitely have some big plans as to what we would like to do to make the most of our new living space (I could be in a new build and still want to put my stamp on things!).

First up, there’s the kitchen. I will go into this in more detail in another post once we’re actually in the new place, but I think this will be one of our biggest jobs. The kitchen has already been extended to create a semi-open kitchen/diner, but there is still a big wall in the way that we want to knock down, to give it an even more open feel. We will then put new sky lights in, bigger back doors (undecided whether these will be bi-fold or something else), and a brand new kitchen in a style that we like (current one is lilac!). 


The next big job is the garden. It’s huge (100ft long and pretty wide), but in 4 tiers, which isn’t particularly kid-friendly. We want to make it 2 big tiers- the back one with a big play-space for the children with their trampoline and hopefully a new climbing frame, and a front one with artificial grass and more ‘grown up’ feel for hanging out and entertaining. We will need a new fence, and some new railway sleeper flower beds and steps up to the next tier. We’re also considering a decent shed that I can have as a home office, as for at least a few years in our new house we won’t have an office space until we can afford to do another loft conversion and some bedroom juggling. 

As (obviously) all this will cost us a fair bit of money, we hope to do some of the work ourselves- things like the railway sleepers and fence, and even installing the new kitchen with the help of knowledgeable friends. Therefore it’s important that we have the right tools for the jobs, and a reputable company like SGS Engineering can be a god-send when it comes to making sure we have decent, heavy duty drills and the like for making our new renovations (and future ones) a success. 

impact drills

Adam is pretty nifty with a drill, and I’m actually getting better (I can put a picture up now- small steps right?!), so between us we hope to learn and improve on our current skills. 

It’s just knowing where to start, and project managing it all!

Do you have any DIY hints and tips for starting home renovations yourself? 

I’d love to know!


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