Getting the best parcel delivery deal with My Parcel Delivery

It’s only been the past 8 months or so that I decided to focus on my blogging and digital marketing jobs, and shut up shop (at least temporarily) on my little mid-century Etsy Homeware store. Whilst I loved the aspect of sourcing stock, putting it on the website and the satisfaction of customers when they found their perfect item, the admin side of it (like most jobs to be honest!) could be hard work at times. 

I especially found the packing and posting aspect quite tedious after a long day working or with the kids, and once you start getting lots of orders in (especially when those orders are for delicate goods), there is a lot of pressure to make sure your beloved cargo arrives in one piece! I saw my pal Steph, owner of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, at an event yesterday, and she was telling me how much easier her life is now the packaging and posting is done elsewhere, freeing up her time to focus on other things. I can’t say I blame her! 

One of the toughest things when you’re responsible for sending off orders, is finding the right company to do so. One that’s going to be reasonably consistent when it comes to how much it’s going to cost you as a business owner, and also a reliable one that actually cares about the parcel you’re sending. 

I had some really hit and miss experiences trying to find the right parcel delivery service- I had the odd one that never picked up the parcel, a certain one that shall remain nameless where parcels just never arrived at their intended destination, and the same one that didn’t take one bit of notice of the ‘fragile’ tape plastered all over the parcel, resulting in few breakages despite my items being well-packaged. Also, about 50% of my customers were from South-East Asia and the US (obviously avid collectors of vintage British crockery), so it could be confusing at times trying to find the correct postage prices for the weight vs destination. I never wanted anyone to be out of pocket, so it could often be a bit of a faff trying to work this out. 

This is where I wish I had known about My Parcel Delivery, which is a parcel delivery price comparison service, and takes the stress out of finding the right courier for you dependent on item, weight and destination. It would have made finding the right delivery guys for me soooo much easier! You just measure your parcel, weigh it, tell the form where it’s going, and bingo- they’ll find the right delivery service for you. 

Couldn’t be easier huh? 

If and when I re-open my little store, I’ll be using this service to get the best postage deal for myself, and my customers. 

If you send parcels, who is your go-to courier?


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