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Chrome heated towel rails are exceptionally popular. This is because they present various advantages for homeowners to make the most of. They are particularly useful for those with small bathrooms. This type of towel rail will create the illusion of more space, as the light will reflect against the chrome surface. This can really open up and transform your bathroom space. Chrome is also a popular choice since it has an elegant and classy feel to it, which is welcome in any home. 

Of course, the main reason to have a towel rail installed is to bring some warmth to your bathroom and to ensure your towels are nice and warm once you step out of the shower or bath. There is going to be no point in having heated towel rails installed if the heat is going to escape through the roof or through your windows. If you don’t have double glazed windows in your home, you should be making this investment first. Otherwise, the heat from the rail is simply going to end up drifting out of the window anyway, which will cost you more money too. 

Effective, elegant and eye-catching chrome towel rails

From classic designs to quirky styles, there are many different options to choose from when purchasing a chrome towel rail. You can be sure you will find the right towel rail for your taste, requirements, and budget when you shop online, as there are so many different options. To find the ideal towel rail for you, we have put some pointers together below. 

Step One: Choose a heating option

  1. Central Heating – Central heating towel rails need no introduction. They have long been the go-to choice, thanks to their ease of installation.
  2. Electric – Electric towel rails are great for those seeking more control over their heating. Heat output is swiftly adapted to suit any sudden changes in temperature.
  3. Dual Fuel – The latter is a combination of both electric and central heating. You can choose to use either of the two options to heat your towel rails. This is beneficial because it means that you do not need to turn on your entire heating system if you merely want to heat the bathroom. 

Step Two: What size towel rail do you need?

Do you only have space for a small towel rail in your bathroom? Or are you looking for something quite big? Make sure you measure the space you have set aside before shopping. 

Step Three: Choose a BTU output 

Do you have a small or big bathroom? How many radiators are in the room at present? Do you have double glazed windows or other insulation methods in place? These are questions you should ask yourself in order to determine a substantial BTU output for you.

Step Four: Select a style

  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary


When choosing a style of towel rail you need to think about your own personal preference as well as the current look of your bathroom. Don’t only think about what will look good now, but in the future as well. 


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