Benefits of Receiving Tutoring Over the Summer

Many high school and college students experience burnout during the school year. Over the summer, all they want to do is rest and recover before another busy year. However, active resting can sometimes be more beneficial than planning a season with little activity.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, summer tutoring, including online tutoring is one of the best ways to reduce burnout. Students who do this experience far-reaching benefits in their academic and personal lives. Here are seven ways that tutoring could benefit your child this summer.

1.   Reduces Test Stress

Many high school students are preparing for college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT. In addition to their other coursework, college students may be studying for upper-level testing like the LSAT or GRE. These exams can create a lot of anxiety for students since the results will affect their opportunities and future.

Tutoring for test preparation can reduce student anxiety and prepare them to pass exams with flying colors. During the summer, they have more time to focus on test prep without the distraction of other courses. Tutors can guide their study process, reduce stress and sharpen decision-making skills.

2.   Hones Critical Thinking

One-on-one instruction will hone your student’s critical thinking skills. Tutors engage closely with students, following their thought patterns and helping them ask new questions and see material from fresh angles. Your child will learn to ask better questions and think more clearly about problems.

Your mind is like a muscle that needs training. Tutoring offers a more intensive approach than studying in a classroom or on your own. A tutor, like the experts at Brighterly, is like a personal trainer for your brain, helping to identify weak areas and giving your child practical tips for strengthening their thought process.

3.   Teaches Study Skills

Tutors can also give your child direction on improving their study skills. Understanding a problem and working toward a solution matters much more than whether your student has a natural aptitude for a subject. Summer tutoring can improve their grades for the rest of their lives by strengthening their study skills.

Every student learns differently, and their needs change over time. Tutors work closely with individuals, so they can identify those needs and give them tools for educational success. Many kids have only learned one way to study and need help to expand their strategies. Learning can happen in multiple ways.

4.   Improves Time Management

Summer tutoring also helps your student improve their time management. Learning new study skills and boosting critical thinking will help your child complete coursework faster. However, these sessions also give your student a responsibility throughout the summer, and also help your children develop safe and productive online routines.

After the first few weeks of bliss, many students experience summer boredom. This pattern of complete overwhelm and then total rest isn’t healthy and could teach your child that working until they crash should be the norm. Tutoring can balance their summer and reduce the burden they feel during the school year.

5.   Develops Subject Mastery

Tutoring equips your child to grasp a subject they struggle with. Even highly intelligent students with strong study skills can benefit from working with a tutor. Instead of worrying about deadlines and grades, they can focus on understanding and practical application during a session.

Tutoring shifts your child’s approach to education. Instead of performance, they realize that learning requires deep engagement with material and the willingness to fail. Tutors create a support system that makes students feel safe enough to really learn.

6.   Creates Autonomy

Students learn how to teach themselves through individual instruction. They start to take ownership of their education and realize that their level of effort determines how much they can understand. This makes the process exciting and personal, driving students to achieve more in each subject with a better attitude.

Tutors challenge students to approach learning like a battle they can win. With enough determination and an intentional strategy, there’s no subject they can’t understand and no skill set they can’t obtain. Tutoring encourages autonomy by showing kids what they’re capable of. 

7.   Builds Self-Confidence

Teachers try to equip many students at once in traditional classrooms. It makes sense that some kids will fall through the cracks, feeling unseen and unheard. Tutoring provides the personalized attention they need to become confident in themselves as learners and individuals.

This might be the No. 1 benefit of tutoring for students. Kids who develop relationships with their tutors grow educationally and personally. They feel safe making mistakes and expressing personal thoughts. Encouragement and challenge helps them develop personal confidence that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

So Many Reasons to Use a Tutor

Your child may not be excited about summer tutoring, but it can seriously benefit their personal lives and academic careers. It can reduce test anxiety and help students succeed in upcoming exams. Tutors help kids develop strong study skills and sharp critical thinking, making subjects easier to tackle.

Tutoring improves time management, helps children master challenging subjects and can create autonomy by showing them just how much they’re capable of. Most importantly, tutoring builds a student’s self-confidence so they’re ready to face challenges with resilience. Summer tutoring is one of the best options if you’re looking for ways to support your child.


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