Picking the right golf equipment for your kids

golf ballI know what you are thinking. Kids grow so fast that there is no point in getting them the best equipment right now.

To some extent, you would be correct, but what if I told you that there are a few ways to pick out equipment that is both cost-effective and usable for years…

Not to mention that taking some time to pick out the right gear can make for some noticeable improvements in your child’s game.


Clubs are the quintessential piece of equipment that you should be spending money on. There are such a wide variety of clubs available at a fantastic price to performance value ratio.

You might be thinking about how to go about sizing and club choice, but fear not, there are some fantastic pointers to help you make the right choice for your junior.


How many clubs?

Start your child off with just a few core clubs. Kids are generally not able to get the full benefit out of having a full set of clubs as their distance on shots has not yet developed. This means that there will not be a noticeable difference between a 6-iron and a 7-iron stroke.

You still want to teach them how to handle different club faces and lofts so start with five clubs. A driver, a hybrid, a 7-iron, a PW, and a putter.

Having fewer clubs will help demonstrate the difference in ball speed, ball height, and ball distance that comes with club selection. Having fewer clubs also means that you can afford to spend a little more on each club.

Start thinking about more clubs once a child is 10 years or older.

How should I choose club composition and length?

Repurchasing new clubs can become somewhat of a financial burden if your junior is growing fast. While this can’t be stopped, choosing clubs that are the right length will make the world of difference to your child’s game.

Be warned that clubs that are too long will cause improper technique. For a proper fit make use of a golf club size chart.

Kids who are playing at a tournament-ready level will benefit from clubs with titanium heads. These are more costly, however, they are far better for your child’s game.

Cheaper aluminium and stainless steel heads will do fine if your junior is under a tournament level of play.


Which balls should I use?

The best option for kids is a soft compression ball. This ball requires a much slower swing speed to get the maximum distance and lift on each stroke.

You could even have a look at the ladies’ range of golf balls as they use the same soft compression technology.

One last word

Stick with basic equipment and build your way up. Many top brands have fantastic junior sets that will have everything your child needs.

Technique and confidence on the course will come. The main thing to concentrate on is providing your junior with equipment that helps and not hinders.

Spend on what matters, not what looks good.


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