Beginner’s Guide to a Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui is something I’ve always been quite curious about when it comes to the home, and the spaces we inhabit most often. Can something as simple as placing an object, or a piece of furniture really make that much of a difference to your relationships, finances and health?

Well, I’ve been doing a teeny bit of Feng Shui-related research, and below are some simple tips I’ve found, for when it comes to ‘zenning’ your home and your life, so they are positively brimming with calm and happiness! I was surprised how many we already do, and I also had a think about what else I could do to improve my Feng Shui home:

Right, first up: Stand inside your home, keeping your back to the front door, and then look forward. You can then section up your home as per the diagram above. So for example, in my house, the bottom left hand corner of my Living Room would be the ‘Knowledge’ section, and the top right hand corner of my kitchen would be the ‘Relationships’ zone. Good shizzle is supposed to happen when you place certain objects in these certain zones. Some objects will have symbolic power, and others will have a literal connection to that area of your home. Comprende? Good – let’s begin!
Money: You are advised to place fresh flowers, or a jade plant here. Here would also be a good place to safely store cash or other valuables. Luckily for me this is the part of my house where my dining table is, and the spot where my fresh daffodils are currently residing!

Reputation: Shout about your achievements here! Display awards, accolades and certificates, plus here would also be where you could place good luck charms, such as a four leaf clover. A small back wall in my kitchen is here, and I’m off to a good start ‘reputation’ -wise as Freddie’s swimming certificate has pride of place!

Relationships: Pairs of objects or imagery are advised if you want up things in the ‘relationships’ stakes. Lovebirds, butterflies and cranes are particularly welcome, as is an image of two trees intertwined. If your living room is in this spot, a love seat, pair of pillows, or two matching chairs would give you extra Feng Shui brownie points. Unfortunately for me, the only thing matching in this spot of mine (top right hand corner of my kitchen) is a couple of Emma Bridgewater mugs in the cupboard. Must.Try.Harder. 

Children and creativity: Apparently this is the perfect place for a pin board or some kind of craft or sewing zone, or even a chalkboard wall or zany wallpaper. Now since this area of our home is either the downstairs loo, or the stairway heading to the first floor, it’s a bit tricky to get the old sewing machine out. However, we do have some incredibly loud Orla Kiely wallpaper in the toilet, (which is next to our chalkboard wall, although this is a little off target area!) so I’m going with that as doing my bit for the kids and creativity. 


Friends and travel: Ideal for playful, happy photos, artwork/postcards/greetings cards made by mates, or a map that reminds you of your travels. Sadly, this is where our coat pegs and show bench are (although surely all the shoes and coats are indicative of all the traipsing in and out of the house that we do?). I like the idea of having a map near the front door, and the children like looking at maps too, so this might help us Feng Shui this neglected corner of our home. 

Career: This front part of your home should be as bright and as well lit as possible. Apparently you should put something here that relates to your passion and/or your job. Maybe i’ll keep a copy of my favourite photo book here, as it might help me take some better blog pics!

Knowledge: Here, you should create a ‘reading nook’ or a spot where you can have deep conversation. Well, we are doing well on both counts, as our main bookshelf in the Living Room is here, as is our newish purple sofa. Whether ‘deep’ counts as conversations relating to Crystal Palace FC, which child will wake first for a wee in the night, or the merits of our new Espresso machine is anyone’s guess…
Family and health: This is the area of your home that you should keep super-clean, and also maybe have a family photo wall. Well, our dining table in the kitchen is here, so I like to think I keep this in pretty good nick cleanliness-wise, although we are slacking on the photos. I think I’ll put a few on the dresser (there is no spare wall for us to hang some on), and hope that we all stay fit and healthy.

kitchen makeover 028

So what do you think of these tips? 

Have you ever looked into making your home Feng Shui?


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