Our Autumn Home and Latest Autumn Favourites

I’m pretty sure I’ve definitely said it before (in fact, I know I have, from this post from a few years ago) but Autumn is quite possibly my favourite season. I love the summer and the fact that we can stay out later as a family, but I am not a fan of the sweaty mess I become when the thermometer goes over 24 degrees, and I have to say that you can’t beat some Autumn layering.

I love cosy blankets, warm coats, homemade Boeuf Bourguignon bubbling away, red wine, candles lit, the run up to Christmas, hot breath on cold air, and pulling the shutters down in the living roon at 5pm so no one sees me looking dubious in my new I-want-to-be-Scandinavian-but-never-will-be Stag pyjamas.

I love it all!

When we moved in to our house a year ago, we were so busy just unpacking and thinking about the building work to come (plus I was knackered from early pregnancy), that Autumn kind of passed me by. 

This year is a different story.

Our home has really come on, and bar a few areas that require a lick of paint and some pictures and prints on the walls, we are done until the next load of building work

The darkness of the blue in our living room really lends itself to Autumn/Winter, and once a candle is lit and the lamps on, it feels so cosy and just exactly where I want to spend my evenings after a busy day. So much is about the mood, you know what I mean? As you can see, the other scaffold board shelves are up in the neighbouring alcove- just need more bits to put on them now.

Last year the buzz word was ‘Hygge’, something I’m sure the Danes are sick of us hijacking by now, so I’ve enjoyed an Anglophile take on it whilst reading the book ‘A Very British Hygge’ by Simon Sinclair (which I think will be available on Amazon soon?). 

Simon gives great tips and advice on creating ‘Hygge’, and points out that us Brits are actually pretty good at it ourselves, no Danish input needed! The book is supported by Everest Windows, who are loving Hygge themselves this autumn! 

I also hotfooted it back to TK Maxx yesterday and bought an autumn wreath for our door, thanks to the guys there, and I adore it- the orange and yellows looks FABULOUS against the grey door, and a delivery driver even commented how good it looked #winning 

I fully intend to get maximum use of it until 1st December and the Christmas wreath goes up. Just need to get an Easter wreath now (much to Adam’s horror) and my decorative door furniture collection is complete. 

I couldn’t not have something Halloween-related in this post, so here’s a snap of 3 little pumpkins that the kiddies insisted on. I’m afraid we haven’t quite graduated to fancy carving yet, but maybe one year.

I like the ‘rustic’ look myself 😉 

Hope your autumn is going swimmingly and in full swing- won’t be long ’til Christmas though folks!



  1. November 3, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Oh I love your blue walls! Very unique and not a colour I’d immediately associate with autumn but I agree – it des lend itself to the season. I’d love an autumn wreath too….

  2. Jess Soothill
    November 4, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    I love your home and how you’ve decorated it. Stunning. It looks so tidy and stylish for a Mum of 3! Go you! Love reading your home and life updates 🙂 xx

  3. November 8, 2017 / 7:47 am

    What an amazing interior very well organized and maintained, Wonderful pictures and well written 🙂 Loved it 🙂

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