A house update!


So….finally….we’ve exchanged! After 6 months of house stress, faffing, buyers pulling out in different parts of the chain, us finding somewhere new, last Thursday we did it! 

Our completion date is the 21st October, which means we now have roughly a month to pack our entire house up in preparation for the big move, which is exciting and rather terrifying all at the same time. If I think about it too much I don’t know where to start, but actually I reckon that once I’ve written a list down and starting to work on certain ‘areas’ of the house and garage we’ll be okay. I’m so thankful that both children are at school now, as although I work part-time but could quite happily fill every day with work if I’m in the mood, I’ll have 2/3 days a week of ‘breathing space’ to get ‘house stuff’ done if I need to. And believe me, we have SO much to pack up it’s unreal! We’ve decided to get our removal folk to pack up our kitchen for us the day before, which is something we paid for when we moved last time and it’s worth EVERY PENNY- no bubble wrapping spice jars or coffee cups for me, hurrah! 

I feel so excited now, and just want to get into our new place! The children still haven’t seen inside their new home yet, so we’re hoping to take them perhaps next week to look around so they get a feel for it and it’ll help them settle in quicker. 

My mind is whirring with packing and room plans, ideas for our new kitchen extension, kids bedroom decor, bathrooms, selling certain items so they don’t have to lugged to the new house… I’m sure if I think of anything else my head will explode! 

If anyone out there has any great tips for moving house, especially with children, I’d really appreciate them!*


*So many exclamation marks in this post, probably highlighting how manic I feel!

9 thoughts on “A house update!”

  1. Exciting times! Our house selling/buying process was a nightmare… We went through FOUR separate buyers pulling out! They say it’s meant to be one of the most stressful things in life :/ I’m very much looking forward to peeping around your new house (not meant in a weird stalker way…) – there better be heaps of pictures! Xx

    1. Gosh 4 buyers pulling out sounds like my worst nightmare! How stressful for you- I hope you’re settled now? And don’t worry, there will be LOADS of pictures, moving and renovating a house provides a lot of good blog fodder! x

  2. Oh my.. it all sounds exciting and scary in equal measures. Good luck with the packing. Every time I see a picture of your house, I get house envy, he he!

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