Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sac Review


As a blogger I’m very fortunate now that myself/our family/the kids get offered all manner of things to review, but so as not to raise totally spoilt brats I often turn down a fair number of things aimed at the children. However, one email caught my eye lately, and that was for Freddie and Sasha to try out an ace ‘Snuggle Sac’ each from Yorkshire-based children’s furniture company, ‘Ollie and Leila’. 

I was super-keen to try these snuggle sacs out, as in my mind they would be perfect for having sleepovers, taking on holiday (we have a trip to Dorset coming up in October half term), camping and also for snuggling up for a film night at home. One of the children’s favourite games right now is playing ‘sleepovers’, so already these have got quite a bit of use acting out different sleep scenarios in various weird and wonderful places around the house! 


Sasha got to try out a ‘Pony Original’, and Freddie a ‘Pirate’ Snuggle Sac, and both were delighted when they got their hands on them, especially Sasha who is starting to get into horses and not-at-all encouraged by her ex-pony mad Mum. With an RRP of £45 each, these aren’t cheap, but to be honest you get what you pay for here- the quality of each sleeping bag is second-to-none, and I’d expect these to last for many years. 

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The Pony Snuggle Sac is made of gloriously soft velour, and the Pirate with a comfy-yet-durable fleece material. Each sleeping bag is easily accessed by using a side zip, and I love how you fit a pillow in the slot in the end to create a soft place for your child to lay their head.  


The finishing touches on each bag are great, such as the dangling feet of the pirate, and the beautiful patterned bunting on the Pony Snuggle Sac. Little details like these really show how much care and thought has gone into producing these.


Size-wise each Snuggle Sac is 180cm x 70cm, with plenty of growing room- believe me, I had a go myself, and at 5ft 5 I was only just slightly too big for them! Could be a possible desperate measure for my friends who end up crashing at ours after a gin too many, no? I’m kidding (I think), but it gives you an idea of the potential longevity of these when it comes to purchasing one. 


As a slightly anal parent trying to keep the house tidy and organised, I was also delighted  that each Snuggle Sac came in it’s own storage bag- perfect for storing under a bed or in the loft when not in use. 


I’m so pleased with these, as are the children, and we can’t wait to get a huge amount of use out of them over the coming years.


For a great sleepover solution for children, get thee to Ollie and Leila!


We were sent these Snuggle Sacs by Ollie and Leila, all words, thoughts and opinions my own.


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