7 Ways to Get Your Body Moving More: The Benefits of Movement

Staying active and looking after your body is essential for your health, no matter what your age. As a society, we’re getting out of shape, and it’s starting to show in the data: More than 64% of people in the western world are overweight. We know that exercise and eating well is good for our heart and brains, but it also has many other benefits.

When it comes to working out, you need to ensure that you are looking after your body before, during and after exercise. To help with the latter, you can ensure you use some naturally soothing products for muscular aches and pains, (arnica cream is a good example), and also by hydrating and fuelling your body properly. 

On the blog today I have 7 ways to get your body moving more!

Take The Stairs

If you’re like most people, you’ll take the elevator when you have a choice. But by opting for the stairs, you’ll burn about 3.5 times more calories per minute than if you had taken the elevator.

We know that calorie counting is king when it comes to weight loss. That’s because your body burns calories at a rate of 1 calorie per every 2-3 minutes of exercise. So if we did the maths on the difference between taking the stairs and taking an elevator, it would look like this: Taking the stairs will burn 85 calories in 10 minutes while taking an elevator will only burn 29 calories in 10 minutes.

Find A Workout Buddy

If you’ve been looking to start exercising, but don’t know where to start, find a workout buddy that you can do it with. Having someone else to exercise with is a great way to motivate each other and make it more fun. Plus, you’ll have someone to keep you accountable in your fitness journey. Work out at home or join a gym such as Fitness 19 to help spur you on and give you more workout choices.

Park Further Away

One way to get your body moving more is to park your car further away from the store. The extra walk can help you stay active, and it can also save you money on gas!

Do More Chores

One of the easiest ways to get your body moving more is to do your chores around the house. When you clean, vacuum, or cook, you’re getting your blood flowing and doing other activities.

You don’t have to do all the chores either. You can take on a certain number of chores each day so that you’re barely over-exerting yourself.

Walk Short Journeys

The majority of Brits commute to work in a car. If you are one of these people, consider walking short journeys instead. Walking for 10 minutes for every hour spent in the car will help you exercise and save money and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80%.


Dancing is a wonderful way to get your body moving. You can dance for as long as you want and there are many moves! You can dance to have fun or dance as part of an exercise routine. Dancing is a great way to feel good and have fun all simultaneously.

Drink More Water

We all know you need to drink more water to stay hydrated. However, drinking water means you will need to empty your bladder more often, meaning more trips to the toilet. If you need to go up and down the stairs for the bathroom, these are extra steps. So not only are you keeping adequately hydrated and giving your body what it needs, but you are also getting more exercise.


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