5 Ways to Identify Discrimination in the Workplace

Even though we are in 2022, articles like this continue to be necessary. As shocking as that might sound – when you delve deeper into the issues surrounding and leading to workplace discrimination, you soon discover that things can quickly get complicated.

Discrimination is not as blatant or crude as people may think – some of the ugliest forms can come from the most unassuming individuals. Due to the grey areas involved, this article will stick to the more obvious ways you can spot discrimination in your workplace. Then you will be able to decide whether or not you need help and advice from a professional, like this employment attorney here.

Generally speaking, once you sort out the larger issues, the less apparent ones become easier to identify and fix. Here are five ways to do that:

  1. Dodgy Hiring Practices

Despite many laws against it, many employers continue to ask inappropriate questions during interviews. Your hiring process must exclude asking questions that target the applicant’s class. These include marital status, pregnancy plans, or anything related to family planning.

Many of these questions are asked under the guise of friendly conversation, but it would be prudent not to.

  1. Illegal Bias

Listen to the language used around the workplace, you need to be specifically looking out for language usage that relates to unlawful bias. Avoid all stereotypes or attacking employees based on any preconceived notions, if in doubt consult a business coach that specializes in this area.

Avoid all comments that could include “women not working hard enough after having children” or expressing distrust in an employee based on their religious group.

  1. Race Issues

Being discriminated against is one of the most soul-destroying times in a person’s life. Having the color of your skin getting labeled as anything less than equal to any other skin color is not only demeaning, but it is entirely illegal and immoral.

This type of discrimination can come in many forms, including inappropriate jokes or derogatory statements made by co-workers or supervisors. Consult black civil rights attorneys in Atlanta if you are unsure how to handle a workplace discrimination case.

  1. Promotion Policies

If you notice that internal promotions get given to a specific class or race over others, your workplace may have significant workplace discrimination policies in place. You cannot assume this based on one or two incidents; you must have an identifiable pattern before speaking up.

Don’t assume that all questions need to be hostile in fashion; you can ask anything you like – provided you phrase it correctly.

  1. Poor Performance Reviews

If you or a co-worker continually receives poor performance reviews, despite working hard and giving in their best shot – there is a good chance that workplace discrimination is at play.

It is natural to get upset and take things personally when this happens, but you must remain calm. Speak to your supervisor or HR representative, if possible, so that they may start an investigation into your claims.

There could be something else going on like perhaps you need extra training or refresher sessions. Whatever the case may be, you need to allow the company enough time to investigate your claims.

Speak up if you think something dodgy is going on – choose your words carefully though, so they won’t be used against you at a later stage.

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