Moving House Checklist: Important Steps to Take Before the Big Move

If you’re about to move home, getting organised is essential. A little bit of planning and preparation can reduce stress, give you an idea of what to expect, and ensure you arrive at your new property in one piece. To make sure you’ve got every base covered, here is a moving house checklist you can follow, as well as what steps to take before the big move.

Confirm Your Moving Date

It’s essential that you confirm your moving date before going any further. However, if you’re selling or buying a property, you may need to begin with an approximate date. For those purchasing a home, completion day (when you get the keys to your new home) is normally between 7 and 28 days after your solicitor has exchanged contracts. Make sure your moving date is weeks in advance, as there’s a lot to get sorted out beforehand!

Hire a Removals Company

For those who have family and friends to help ferry furniture and belongings from A to B, you may not need to follow this step. But, for homeowners who need a helping hand, hiring a removals company is a must. Firms like G W Twilley and Son Removals have over 100 years of experience in removals. This means you’re sure to have a stress-free move. They can discuss the prospects of your moving day, as well as any extra requests you may have. Having professionals move your items can take the weight off your shoulders.

Get Rid of Clutter

Once you’ve got an official moving date, it’s time to get rid of the junk that’s lurking around the home. You’ll likely have items that you don’t want to take along for the ride, so decluttering and minimising how much stuff you’ll bring with you can reduce stress significantly. If you’ve got clutter piled high, the idea of sifting through everything can be too much to bear. However, taking your time and sorting everything room by room will make things a little easier.

Pack Up

After you’ve decluttered, anything that remains needs to be packed up, sorted out and ready to move. Understandably, getting everything packed isn’t going to happen overnight. Instead, you’ll need to find opportunities in the weeks leading up to the move to start packing. Create a detailed inventory list when you pack. This will ensure you don’t leave anything important behind. There are additional packing tips you can utilise that will make the task more bearable.

Update Your Details

There are lots of places where you’ll need to update your details. It’s time to think about who to notify. Whether you’re moving a few streets away or to a new area, you may need to register with a new dentist and doctor. Other people to notify of your change of address include your employer, bank, the DVLA, and utility companies.

Moving house doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. While it’s one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever make, as long as you’re prepared and give yourself plenty of time in advance, your move should run smoothly and according to plan.


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