5 Watches for Teens to Surprise Them

Watches for teens make excellent gifts, and picking the right piece can be a challenge with so many options available. But don’t worry – we have you covered! Let’s explore five top-notch pieces that are sure to leave any teen in awe. Read on to get an overview of each item’s characteristics, advantages and pricing range.

1. Seiko Men’s SNK809 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The Seiko SNK809 model is an ideal choice for the modern teen. It does have a sharp, sophisticated aesthetic. And the watch’s construction of solid materials makes sure that it will last through any tough situation. With automatic movement and no batteries required as long as you move your arm regularly, this Seiko gear ensures reliable performance when needed most. The black dial with luminescent hands allows easy readability even in dim lighting – plus the 37mm case size fits comfortably on any adolescent wrist.

Teens can reap numerous advantages from owning the Seiko Men’s SNK809 Watch. This timepiece is highly dependable, ensuring young people never miss out on any important occasions. It also looks sleek and polished for everyday wear – whether it be at school or work. The watch strap can be replaced with Horus Straps for Seiko watch to bring a more sporty look. Constructed with strong materials to protect against minor scrapes and bumps, teens will not have to worry about their watch being damaged easily. Plus, its stylish design gives wearers confidence that cannot be matched by other pieces.

Invest in lasting quality with the Seiko Automatic Stainless Steel Watch – available on Amazon for an affordable £130.

2. Timex Weekender

For teenagers seeking a stylish timepiece at an affordable price, the Timex Weekender is certainly worth considering. Its design boasts interchangeable straps to customize your look and an Indiglo night light for easy nighttime viewing. Moreover, its water resistance of up to 30 meters makes it suitable for swimming or other water activities too.

Teens will love the versatile, stylish Timex Weekender. Its interchangeable straps allow it to easily coordinate with any outfit. The vibrant display is easy-to-read so that you can always tell what time it is at a glance. The timelessly stylish Timex Weekender watch is up for grabs at a yummy price of £40.

3. Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

The next option on our list is the rugged and reliable Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V. It’s especially ideal for young, active individuals or athletes who need a watch that can handle their lifestyle. This G-Shock model boasts shock resistance and water resistance up to 200 meters. And if you’re into timed activities like racing, this one comes with both a stopwatch and countdown timer functions.

The Casio G-Shock watch comes with durable construction that ensures it can handle any rigorous activity. While its functional features make the gear perfect for timing events. The timepiece is a perfect budget-friendly gift with a price tag of £70.

4. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

The Fossil smartwatch is an ace choice for tech-savvy teens who want to stay connected. Not only can they use Google Assistant on the watch, but they can also ask questions and receive notifications without ever having to take out their phone. What’s more, the Gen 5E model comes with fitness tracking capabilities so that our active youngsters can monitor their progress effortlessly.

With the Fossil Gen 5E watch, teenagers can take advantage of multiple benefits. The stunning design ensures that this smartwatch looks great in any outfit – making it both practical and fashionable. The Fossil watch can be purchased for £219.

5. Swatch Originals Gent Watch

Rounding off our watch recommendations is the Swatch Originals Gent Watch. Ideal for any budding fashionista, this classy timepiece boasts a sleek design in an array of colours – perfect for making an impression. Not only does it look great but its quartz movement promises accuracy and reliability.

When it comes to Swatch for teenagers, there are numerous advantages that make it an ideal choice. From its contemporary design which easily pairs with any ensemble, to its incredibly reliable movement guaranteeing punctuality on important occasion. This Gent Watch is sure to please anyone who wears it. With the budget-friendly price tag of £47.50, you won’t have to break the bank when gifting this piece.


From classy designs to fun and playful ones – no matter what your budget is – you are able to find a good match. Consider your teen’s desires and lifestyle to pick an top-notch gift from the list. Ensure proper watch care and maintenance to prolong the gear’s lifespan.


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