Review: Best Steak Restaurants in London

When I’m not immersed in online pastimes on sites like Lottoland, I love sharing my thoughts on meals and restaurants around the UK. Having worked with local businesses and major brands for years, I think it’s high time I shared my recommendations for the best steak restaurants in London.

London is no doubt the home of the best British dishes. But the same is true about steak. London houses some of the best eateries to indulge in juicy pieces of meat. Whether you want British beef, rare-breed steaks, or American style, this city has it all. 

Lucky for you, you don’t have to try all of them to find the best. In my quest to find the best steak restaurants in London, I came up with the following steak restaurants in London: 

1.   Hawksmoor Seven Dials

The first time I went to Hawksmoor was at their Borough branch. I later dined at Spitalfields and Seven Dials branches as well. One thing that is common in these restaurants is the quality. The steak was well done, tender, and juicy, and the sweet spinach did not disappoint.

The staff were very welcoming, and the lady who served us at Seven Dial informed us their meat is sourced from small farmers around the UK. The steak is served by weight, starting from around half a kilo.

2.   Temper Shoreditch

If you are in search of smoky, barbecued steak, look no further than Temper Shoreditch or, in fact, any Temper restaurant. The Temper chain of restaurants started in Soho, where they enticed central Londoners with a whole-animal flagship and open fire. Here, you make your order, sit back, relax, and watch the chef cook your meal right in front of you.

Whether you want to indulge in the usual or rare breed cuts, Temper offers juicy rump steaks, T-bones, and Brazilian picanha, among other cuts, served with Chipotle sour cream and beef-fat bearnaise, among others.

Their signature mouth-watering sweet and sour pork ribs and cheeseburger tacos are worth every cent. Although the offering of each Temper restaurant differs, the entire dining experience is awesome

3.   Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky is an American steakhouse that has won the hearts of Londoners. Walking into this restaurant makes you feel like you are in the 1920s. From the leather banquettes, parquet floors, and striking murals, this place is a real classic.

This is the restaurant to go to if you crave juicy large portions. But keep in mind the pricing is hefty, too. If you have no idea what to order, go for the huge prime rib or bone-in-dry-aged fillet.

And if it’s on a weekend, you could try their weekend menu that includes sirloin steak and fried eggs, which you can wash down with a bespoke Bloody Marys. The dessert was the best coconut cake I’ve ever tasted.

4.   Flat Iron

When Charlie Carroll started Flat Iron in 2012, he aimed to offer excellent steak but at an affordable price. And he did exactly that with the underrated cut, flat iron.

If you want to wow your tastebuds but can’t afford STK or Hawksmoor, this is the place for you. Flat Iron has over ten outlets in London, offering steak from as low as £13. However, you can indulge in specials charged per weight.

5.   STK

STK Steakhouse has two restaurants in London, one at Covent Garden and another at Stratford. The place is exactly as you see it on IG. The ambiance is in between a fancy restaurant and a nightclub, so it’s ideal if you want a fun, romantic evening with someone special.

The menu differs depending on the time of the year (winter/ autumn), but it’s all about steak: Irish moss fillet, American sirloins, and USDA grain-fed steaks. Whether you want fillet, sirloin, wagyu, black porterhouse, or black Angus Tomahawks, they have it all. Just bring enough money (the steak is pricey) and a good camera because the presentation is Instagram-worthy.

6.   Blacklock Covent Garden

If there is something Blacklock is good at, it’s the Sunday roast. And the steak, too. From the interiors to the classic cocktails, this place offers an authentic British chop house experience.

Whether you choose a lamb cutlet that comes crisp on the outside but rare on the inside or pork belly, you’ll still get strips of flatbread underneath it. For the side, I went with fluffy sweet potatoes, which were accompanied by greens and woody parmesan. There is also the ‘all in’ option, which is different cuts served with flatbread.

Final Thought

From the best local restaurants to world class steak houses, London has something for everyone. So, if you want to treat yourself or loved ones to steak around London, these six spots will blow your mind. Flat Iron and Blacklock are ideal if you want quality juicy steak without breaking the bank, while STK and Hawksmoor are perfect if you want some luxury.

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