How to Maintain Your Watch in Perfect Condition

Watches aren’t just important because they tell time, they are fashion pieces and in some cases, even investments. Apart from that, watches play an important role in conveying a fashion statement, status in society or even personality. Timepieces are expensive and very delicate, thus requiring regular maintenance to keep them in good condition for decades. Without proper maintenance, you will spend money buying new watches often.

Watch maintenance is something every watch lover needs to know. Here are some tips on how to maintain your watch that will keep it in perfect condition against the test of time.

Always Take Your Watches to a Trusted Expert for Regular Servicing

Depending on your watch brand, you should regularly take it to a trusted expert for service and cleaning. Some watches need regular servicing every two years, and others after 3 to 4 years. Regular servicing will ensure that every mechanical aspect of the watch is running smoothly, ensuring flawless functionality over time. High-end luxury brands usually offer these services via specialized jewelry shops, like the Patek Lab of Pisa Orologeria for example. This is the only way you can be truly sure that your watch is being handled by a true expert.

Store Your Watch in the Box You Bought it in

The watch’s original box is the best place to store your watch. The box keeps your watch from dust and has soft padding to ensure the watch does not get scratched. Also, the watch inside is protected from dents and breakages when transporting the watch in luggage.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

Cleaning your watch is essential to maintaining it and keeping it running well for the longest time. For watches that are not waterproof, you can use a dry polishing cloth to remove the dust on the strap and casing of the watch. If you have a water-resistant watch, clean it with a damp soft cloth and a soft bristle brush to eliminate dirt and dust on the casing and straps. Ensure the watch has dried completely before putting it back into the box.

Ensure Your Watch Does Not Come into Contact with Chemicals

Many chemicals, especially those found in soaps, detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products, can cause significant damage to your watch. Therefore, avoid using products with chemicals when cleaning your watch. Also, make sure you put your watch on after spraying perfume, applying lotions and creams, and that your skin is completely dry.

Don’t Wear Your Watch on the Beach, Pool and the Gym

Sand and water can really damage your watch, as the sand on the beach can penetrate the tiny spaces in your watch, causing scratches and friction with the mechanical parts of the watch. The salty seawater can also cause rust, plus some elements of the watch may fade if you expose them to direct sunlight for a long time. When in the gym, sweat gets into contact with the watch straps and other components, and this may cause rusting in the long run. Also, it is risky to wear your watch while exercising, as you might shatter the glass by mistakenly banging it on a piece of equipment or on the floor.

With proper maintenance of your watch, your watch will last a lifetime. And if you are a collector, you will have a perfect collection of valuable watches in their best condition. Proper maintenance helps watches last longer, as you can notice and fix problems before they cause more damage.


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