Cotton Wool Lambs Toddler Activity

Cotton Wool Lambs

Cotton Wool Lambs Toddler Activity

One of the easiest first crafts you can do, this cotton wool lambs toddler activity is great first sticking fun for little ones! This crafts is perfect for any farm animal loving toddler, and I love the fact that minimal craft materials are needed, which usually leads to minimal mess. 


This kept my little boy occupied for a good half an hour (an absolute miracle for anyone with a child under the age of two)- I just made sure I kept an eye on potential glue and cotton wool consumption (no one wants a trip to A&E before the day is out), but to be honest he was fine. 

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You will Need:

  • White A4 card
  • Small tray/saucer PVA glue
  • Glue spatula
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Black felt tip pen


1. Draw an outline of a groovy lamb with your felt tip pen.

2. Spread some of the glue, or let your toddler spread some of the glue, onto the body of your lamb drawing.

3. Then help your toddler to stick cotton wool balls onto the glue to create a lovely woolly coat for your lamb (making sure your toddler doesn’t eat the cotton wool- careful supervision required!)

4. Leave to dry, and- ta dah! Your very first arty-crafty lamb!

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