Win! A Paperchase Financial ‘Budget Planner’


One of the things that I have got much, much better at with age, is managing my finances well, especially since the children came along and we had all those extra costs to think about. In the past, especially whilst at university, I was terrible with the little money I had, and had no idea about budgeting well, or the best ways of saving money. 

Whether you’re super-organised when it comes to your finances, or need a bit of a helping hand, I’ve got a great giveaway on the blog for you today! 

I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to get their hands on a Paperchase Financial ‘Budget Planner’.


This great personal notebook is ideal for keeping track of your financial affairs, and includes space to record income and expenditure, guidance on how to budget, thrifty tips and a glossary of financial terms. 


There is also a handy pocket for receipts, coupons, bills and gift cards, plus plenty of space to write any notes and those often sweat-inducing Christmas and birthday lists for friends and family!


To be in with a chance of winning, just fill out the Rafflecopter widget below, and enter using as many of the options as you’d like:

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Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 12.00am (midnight)  GMT on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 5 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid.The prize is a Paperchase Budget Planner- no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered.

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95 thoughts on “Win! A Paperchase Financial ‘Budget Planner’”

  1. Checking your fridge, meal planning and writing a shopping list before you go food shopping and stick to it!

  2. Don’t go for the supermarket shop when hungry. As you are likely to stock up on more food than if you shop following a satisfying meal.

  3. I try not to buy anything unless I have a coupon code, use my student discount as much as possible.
    With food shopping, is my best friend!

  4. Make enough at dinner for packed lunches the next day. Add pulses to as many dishes as possible as it makes them go further but it is also healthy.

  5. Write a list and stick to it, For food shopping, school shopping or Christmas shopping it always helps.

  6. Freeze any food possible to make it last longer, for example we buy breakfast muffins but only use 2 a week and they come in packs of 6 so we freeze them so they last for 3 weeks.

  7. Take advantage of offers and plan them before you go out – dinners, 2for1 cinema tickets etc. Plan your activities around them.

  8. I always use cash whenever I’m out shopping… seeing the money in my hands stops me buying things I don’t need!

  9. I don’t have any money saving tips as I am absolutely useless at saving money which is exactly why I need this planner in my life. We are really trying to do the “do I actually need this item” before purchasing which is helping to stop some impulse buys. I would love something like this though as at the moment all my budgeting notes are everywhere in various notebooks and spreadsheets and I need something to help as I go!

  10. A friend introduced me to charity shopping for my clothes, she always looks well presented and commented on how nice she always looked and she told me her secret.

  11. Do your grocery shopping online so you don’t get distracted and by things you don’t need when you are out shopping.

  12. Meal planning is important, but being flexible with offers that are at the supermarket is also a good idea !
    Raid the discount shelves

  13. Before buying something like a TV or computer, look around first and research to make sure you get the best deal!

  14. Meal plan, it saves a fortune. Also at the end of each day empty all of the change out of your coin purse and put in a sealed pot. At the end of each month open it and you will be surprised how much is in there

  15. Shop online and plan your meals. You won’t be distracted this way to buy random things you don’t need.

  16. Be aware of what you have and use it before buying more. Also, sign up for product testing. You can get a great deal free or at a substantial discount, particularly consumable goods.

  17. Plan your meals in advance and then use your plan to manage your shopping trips. It saves you ending up with a fridge and freezer full of food that you don’t get through before it goes off.

  18. Question every purchase you make. “Do I really need this?”. Means I only spend money I really need to.

  19. Order your weekly shop online, it stops you from picking up random special offers and food you don’t want

  20. Lists are your friend! Don’t ever shop without one and always research best buys online before purchasing something high in value.

  21. Make a shopping list and stick to it and don’t take the hubby or kids shopping with you as extras seem to find your way into the trolley!

  22. mine if you do not need to spend any money when your do not take your bank card or cash out with you.. I found I saved a lot and stopped buying rubbish

  23. I scout around in charity shops for things I can make to help with the budget.Recently I bourght some material in a charity shop and made some curtains which would have cost a fortune if I had bourght them new.

  24. Always make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket, and stick to it! Then you won’t be tempted to spend a lot of money on food you don’t need that will go to waste

  25. keep your eye’s peeled throughout the year for offers on items that would make great Christmas gifts & put them away till Christmas, It saves cash in the long run & means you don’t have to spend so much all at once come Christmas. I find buying all my wrapping paper, ribbons, tags & cards in the January sales means I save a lot.

  26. I only buy items I use when they are on offer, then buy in bulk. I’ve even bought some xmas prezzys when 50% or more off

  27. Plan your meals each week and make a list of exactly what you need, it helps over-spending at the supermarket

  28. Before buying check comparison sites or shop around and check around for discount codes, coupons, etc

  29. When you’re going to buy something, imagine someone offered you the item or the money that it cost – which would you prefer? If you choose the money then the item isn’t worth it.

  30. DO NOT take your kids shopping with you! A simple shopping trip ends up very complicated and expensive once you add children into the mix!! And, if you shop online don’t give in to their pop ups about special offers – the price of your basket can increase very quickly if you’re tempted! Voice of experience….!

  31. Wait to book things. My boyfriend and I love to save money by using Groupon or Wowcher, or by using deals like going at a later time or mid-week (we get half price bowling by going at 9pm on a Saturday night instead of our preferred earlier time). A voucher code or deal ALWAYS comes up (and if not – don’t hesitate to use social media to ask the company why or if there’s one that you’ve missed)

  32. Stock up on bogof offers for toiletries and washing powder and cleaning products. You always need them so get them while they are on offer!

  33. Always bank some savings from your wage every week or month. Think of it as a bill. Then you have some money for an emergency or for an holiday etc

  34. Before buying anything online do a price comparison, use a cashback site and look for discount codes before purchasing.

  35. do you really need it ? if yes research cheapest price=== get bonus cash back if possible via web or c. card or store card or other or all 3 –…look after it..—resell if no longer need it ..

  36. Buy bulk items as they are usually cheaper. If you don’t have room to store everything split the items & cost with a relative or friend 🙂 x

  37. To write down everything you buy or pay for big and small; it shows you where you are spending too much and allows you to cut down in the easiest way of all.

  38. Always make a list when you go shopping. Also make sure you never go food shopping on an empty stomach as you want food that you don’t even need.

  39. Save 10 percent of your wages and save it. Always keep an eye on your finances. Pay in cash instead of card

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