Win! £300 to spend on the ‘Eichholtz’ range at Houseology

eichholtzI have a fantastic giveaway on The Spirited Puddle Jumper today, and one aimed at those who want to inject a bit of luxury into their home for 2016!

Ace interiors website, Houseology, is giving away £300 to spend on anything by the interiors brand ‘Eichholtz’. After looking through the collection, I am seriously envious of whoever wins this giveaway! So many fantastic pieces to really add that extra ‘something’ to your home.

Eichholtz showcases luxurious living in a BIG way… their superior collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories means that you can always find a unique designer piece for your home (with a their iconic Key Largo chair being a design classic!). The brand encompasses all interior styles, from the luxe look through to heritage style and more, and can be found in the world’s best hotels and residences. 

Founder of Eichholtz B.V, Theo Eichholtz’s inspiration and ideas come from his travels throughout the world, where he would seek out ideas for unique and exotic furniture and accessories. Working with his dedicated team of stylists, the collection showcases his passion to create the perfect feel and ambience within an individual’s home. You can shop the complete Eichholtz collection at Houseology HERE.

Some of my favourite pieces from the Eichholtz range are below:

houseology collage 1H collage 2H collage 3


From top: Bergdoff Bowls (set of 4), Bond Street Clock, Set of two Bowman Pillows in orange, ‘Trett’ Flamingo print, Donovan Tea Light Holder set of 9, Wearstler Plaid blanket, Key Largo Chair, Soho brass table lamp, Loganberry Pillow, Hurricane Equestrian Lantern, Scudo small candle holder, Goldschmied Hanging Clock.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is complete the Rafflecopter below, and enter using as many of the options as you’d like. 

Good Luck! (terms and conditions at bottom of the page)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


 The terms and conditions:

You must be a UK resident to be eligible for this competition; This voucher code is valid on items within the Eichholtz category only; Free UK delivery will apply for your purchase; Voucher code is valid for one single transaction only, even where the full available balance is not met. Any value not used within one transaction will be forfeit; This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for monetary value; No cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered; Valid until 31st December 2016. Entrants must be 18 years and over. Competition ends midnight on Thursday 21st January 2016. Winners will be notified within 5 working days.

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432 thoughts on “Win! £300 to spend on the ‘Eichholtz’ range at Houseology”

  1. I would like to improve my hallway it is very boring! I would like to decorate it and buy in some nice home textiles 🙂

  2. Love these items! We’re still looking to expand our living room, since we bought our house last July and are slowly collecting new pieces of furniture and decor! But it’s part of the fun to search and slowly collect, I guess! xo

  3. My bedroom, it is far from being a relaxing retreat! More an 80’s revival dumping ground! I long for chicness!

  4. We are in the process of improving our kitchen. It has been quite a long project but hopefully we will finish it in 2016

  5. My dining room which is in the process of being redecorated but it would be great to add some lovely things when it is finished

  6. I’d love to improve the living room! It’s starting to look a little lifeless! Needs some new updates, maybe a new feature wall and some new pillows and throws 🙂

  7. My living room, as we have recently moved house, into a complete blank canvas, so it needs something exciting and colourful to make it a home 🙂

  8. I’d love to improve our bedroom – paint testers are still on the wall! Some new bedding and cushions etc would be amazing too.

  9. After doing my living room in 2015 I would like to do my dining room and kitchen this year, meaning that downstairs is complete (at least for now)

  10. What a great prize! We’re hoping to be able to move house this year so looking forward to making my stamp in lots of different rooms!

  11. I’d love to improve my bathroom in 2016, when we bought the house in 2014 we had the entire house re-wired, redecorated, even new floor joints in the living room, but we ran out of money when it came to those finishing touches in the bathroom.

  12. Our kitchen-diner is on the renovation to-do list this year, it’s going to be a big old long job – but I’m already looking forward to filling it full of beautiful bits and bobs!

  13. I’d love to renovate my living room and make it more cosy and warm. At the moment it just looks drab and dreary.

  14. We are just (cross fingers) about to buy a new house and the WHOLE THING needs redecorating. Think enormous pink flowers on the wall.

  15. I would love to improve my livingroom since its the room we spend the most time in. To be able to decorate it the way I want it would be fantastic!

  16. Every room as we are moving now we have a baby, in particular i’d love to make the bedroom and nursery stylish x

  17. Thanks for running such a great giveaway! I would love to change up my bathroom a little bit as its the only room in the house that doesn’t show our personality. I find bathrooms are quite hard to decorate so I think it needs some new beautiful accessories! Nancy

  18. In 2016 I’d really like to give our bedroom a makeover…I’ve never been very happy with how it looks…I’d like a peaceful haven!

  19. My bedroom without a doubt! Not been decorated or new carpeted since I moved in in 1999!!! Not to mention the mix and match furniture 🙁 2016 is the year it gets sorted though fingers crossed!

  20. We’ve just moved into a lovely new house so it’d be excellent to have some new living room furniture to go in it!

  21. My living room! We had to get rid of a lot of stuff when we moved as it wouldn’t fit (sofa, curtains etc) and we haven’t got around to replacing them yet so that’s next on the agenda 🙂

  22. That’s an easy question for me … our front lounge has been a “junk room” for the last 12 years,. partly because me and my husband disagree on how we want it decorated and partly to house all our stuff! I think it’s time to reach a compromise and get to work …

  23. I’m hoping to move into a place of my own since moving back with my parents after my divorce, so I hope to improve every room! But especially the bedroom as I have no bookcases, my current chest of drawers is broken and the wardrobe I am currently using is built in, so I have no wardrobe either.

  24. The lounge- it can be hard injecting character into a rented Magnolia box, but soft furnishings and accessories can add so much

  25. My living room could do with a makeover. All of the Ornaments and things I bought when I moved in have either been broken or ruined so it’s a bit bare at the moment.

  26. We’re saving for our first home so we’re not looking to update any room in our rented house this year, we are looking however to get pieces together for our first home which we’re looking to buy in 2017, so exciting 😀

  27. My son’s room, he has just turned into a teenager so I would like to make it a bit more grown up for him 🙂

  28. I would love to improve my bedroom from the dumping ground that it has become to a bedroom that I would love to escape to x

  29. Our sitting room is in dire need of an up-date – I’ve decided on a colour scheme but that’s as far as I’ve got!

  30. Oh, where to start. One rooms leads to another decorating wise but first would be the boudoir well the bedroom, then the kitchen. Don`t mind which but would have to be careful and choose, wouldn`t want kitchen units in the bedroom.

  31. i’d like to improve the living room to make it more homely and make it look more warm, It’s a bit plain at the min 🙂

  32. I would like to improve my bedroom and the first move would be to clear the clutter which has accumulated over the years!

  33. We are looking to finish every room this year but especially the bathroom. It’s currently half tiled!

  34. We are aiming to buy our first home this year,fingers crossed so I imagine most of the rooms will want redoing 🙂

  35. My Living Room, noticing a lot of gold and copper which I think is much warmer than chrome. So a few pieces could change the whole look

  36. Me and my hubby are currently trying for baby no 2. we have the larger bedroom , so hoping to swap with our 4 year old at some point, so she can share the bigger room with the baby., Hoping to do both bedrooms this year x

  37. I like to improve our Daytime Lounge as really needs a reinvention and injection of Style with a wall colour change and some styled accessories to bring it all together

  38. I think my hall will be next on the decorating list. I have just done my living room and really need new accessories so this would be a fantastic prize to win

  39. my kitchen – it’s still only half-finished from building work done last summer so I need to get it all re-tiled and new cupboards fitted

  40. Currently working my way through updating all rooms as only moved a few months ago. Would like to be selfish and choose my bedroom 😉

  41. i like to help each room out as i see anything inspiring. i’d really like to do more for my bedroom though this year.

  42. I would love to do up our room, we always put off doing it as there is always something else.that needs doing 🙂

  43. The bathroom has to go. The delightful old lady who sold us this house loved pink. And patterns. Together. So although we replaced the pink patterned bathroom carpet and the pink patterned festoon blinds when we moved in, we still have pink patterned wall tiles and a pink bathroom suite.

    Every time I go to the bathroom I want to scream!

  44. The room I most want to improve is our guest bedroom. I don’t have my own sewing & craft room & so the room has to do double duty. Most of the furniture is rather shabby (but not chic), with a double bed that used to be in my son’s bedroom before he got a new larger bed, an old console table which houses my sewing machine, an old chest of drawers and a bookcase where I keep my tins and baskets full of sewing supplies. I’d really like to get better storage and also to unify the colour scheme as everything is a different shade of wood. It still needs to be nice for when guests stay, but also more practical for me to work in.

  45. We’ve had a new sun room built and it has bare white walls at present, so we’re looking to bring some colour to it this year!

  46. I would love to do my lounge or my bedroom both need some excitement bringing into them. Brighter colours for the spring and summer making them fresh and clean looking.

  47. I’d love to improve the conservatory. At the moment it’s a glorified playroom, with a dining table stuck in the corner and I absolutely hate the cluttered-ness and disorganisation of it! Definitely a room to be sorted!

  48. My kitchen need the most love I would say but I wouldn’t be able to repair sister new cushions and rug for the lounge! Thanks!

  49. Our bedroom – we had our daughter in July 2015 and she’s due to move into her own room soon – I can’t wait to make it a cosy sanctuary again

  50. The living room would be my target. Generally looking tired and would love to give it a warmer, comfy feel.

  51. My bedroom. It always seems to be the room we don’t get around to doing and it’s in desperate need of an update.

  52. We have just had a log burner put in our living room, I want to redecorate the room and purchase new sofa, furniture and accessories.

  53. Definitely our bedroom. It feels souless – like a dumping ground for things that don’t live anywhere else. We need more storage for sure

  54. I hope to update the downstairs bathroom in 2016, I had already revamped and updated it in 2014, but then had to have damp treatment which means redoing it … hopefully like so many other things in life it will be easier the second time around! :0)

  55. Hopefully we’re moving this year so we’re hoping for a fresh start for all rooms! We’ll probably start with our bedroom when we move.

  56. The spare room. We want to move our son in there as it’s bigger than his and has more room for him and all his toys x

  57. Every room in our house still needs to be done up, but our living room is in desperate need of some personality.

  58. Every room in the house needs doing ! unfortunatly we can’t decorate so it is all about furnishing I would love to deck out the living room as that is where we spend most of our time. Hoping to move in 2016 so even more decorating journies may be ahead of us

  59. the living room or bedroom. I’m thinking soft furnishings like scatter cushions, ornamentation and throws to spruce the rooms up. Thanks for the chance.

  60. I’m going to be upgrading my living room – I was lucky enough to win carpetright vouchers so we will be getting new flooring – I am in the middle of recovering 2 chairs and we will update the soft furnishings and accessories

  61. No doubt about it the spare bedroom, baby number 3 is on the way and I can’t wait to turn it into a nursery room 🙂

  62. My bedroom. Every other room looks presentable, which is because my room is the tipping ground with the permanently closed door! It still has rocketship wallpaper from the previous occupant! I really need to whip it into shape this year.

  63. I’d love to improve my bedroom…..Its all neutral colours and I’d like to have some colour in there.that coordinates with the furniture ???? xx

  64. I would love to be able to re vamp my living room, it hasn’t been done for 10 years and its a beautiful room thats screaming for a makeover!

  65. Our hall, stairs and landing. It’s a big area, and a big job, but hubby has said he will do it this year – and I have witnesses that heard him so there’s no escape now! 😀

  66. id love to improve the spare bedroom, it has become a junk room and my daughter is getting married this year and will be leaving from here and so will need the spare room to get dressed in and have some photos taken

  67. The living room! It’s very old and tired, the suite is 30 years old and the plaster is coming off the walls :-\

  68. The bathroom is in dire need of refreshing! I haven’t changed it since I moved in and there are quite a few damp patches that need sorting

  69. Every room in my house is in need of improvement but the room I’d most like to change would be our living room because we spend a lot of our time there.

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