What To Do When A Loved One Passes Away

No one likes to think about a time when those we hold near and dear to us will no longer be here. However, knowing what to do when a loved ones passes away can make coping with it that little bit easier. Read on to find out more.

Register the death

The first thing you will need to do is register the death with the government within 5 days! Yes, even weekends and bank holidays count. To do this you will need a medical certificate of death. In some cases, such as when the person has passed away suddenly or there is no clear cause of death this may require a postmortem to be completed.

Once a medical expert has concluded the cause of death they will issue the certificate that will either allow cremation or burial. This can then be filled with the government’s tell us once scheme which you will find here.

Plan the funeral

Once you have the proper certification in place, you can begin to plan the funeral. There are many choices to be made such as where to hold it, who to inform, what readings to do, and whether to accept flowers. Indeed, many people now only choose to allow their close family to bring flowers and ask for donations for the medical facilities or charities that helped their loved one instead.

Also, remember that funerals don’t have to all be doom and gloom and the wearing of black clothes. Instead, why not make them a celebration of your loved one’s life, and ask people to wear their favourite colour in remembrance of them.

Of course, making all these decisions can be overwhelming, especially when you are in the midst of your grief. Although, being sure to choose one of the best funeral homes in your area to work with will help. The reason is that they will be able to both support and advise you during this emotional time.

Deal with their will /possessions

Once the funeral has been organised, the next stage is often to deal with the things that your loved one left in this mortal realm. Often this includes the reading of the will and distribution of the assets it contains.

This stage also frequently means clearing out their property of possession, which can be a long and emotional task. Just be sure to treat yourself with kindness as you do it, as set aside your favourite items to keep as a reminder of the one you have lost.

Allow yourself to grieve

It is often when all the tasks surrounding the loss of a loved one are over that those closest to them truly begin to feel their grief. This can be a difficult time for the loved ones left behind, as it seems as others move on with their lives.



However, they must allow these feelings so they can heal. To that end, many will work with a registered therapist or counsellor to provide them with the support they need during the grieving.


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